1. Choraß

    RMMZ Player Sprite blur on dash

    Hello guys, it bother me while player is dashing, the player sprite will blur. Is it possible to simple deactivate it by a plugin? I couldn't find anything about it. If someone can help me out there, will be much appreciated. :LZSsmile: RMZ v1.4.3
  2. seilaalek

    RMMV i need help in Tiled

    well I need a lot of help because I've looked everywhere and I can't find the solution for that, I used tiled to create a map for the rpg maker mv, I use a plugin to remove the blur in fullscreen, and a plugin to change the resolution, I use the 1440x1040 resolution, the problem is that after...
  3. Fullscreen blur

    Hey, guys! I want to know how to remove the blur from the fullsize window of RPM Maker MZ. Is there a way to do that or is this part of RPG Maker? Because it doens't only effects the images, but the maps, characters and the font too.
  4. Milennin

    MZ blurs sprite?

    I have a 72x144 sprite that is displayed blurry in MZ. I have tiles and sprites in smaller sizes that look fine, so is this an issue with a sprite being too big, or am I missing something? (and yes, I did disable all plugins to see if it still blurs, and it does...) Screenshot of the ingame...
  5. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Blur screen behind text window; similar to how the menu window blurs gameplay

    I was wondering if there is a simple plugin that allows me to blur the gameplay behind the text box, the same way pulling up the menu window in-game does. I'm currently using yanfly message core and galv's character busts, I would love to have the background behind the text window and character...
  6. ct_bolt

    Window Background Image/Mapshot with Effects

    Description: Display a custom image "behind" messagebox, pictures, busts. (animated effect optional) Features: How To Use:[/spoiler] Screenshots: Demo Download: CT_Bolt's BgImage v1.51 (Testing) Demo: Click here To Download Plugin Page...
  7. CuddleFox

    Menu back opacity / Equipment menu call

    Hi, I have two problems with Ace. As indicated in the title. Since these are two problems that I think the solution is simple, but I don't know it, I only make one post about them. First problem: I program a custom menu, I would like to make the player choose an actor to open his equipment...
  8. Tjmcnee

    How to fix Blurry Screen

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to remove the blur when going into fullscreen. For now, I have to use magnifier to see the window bigger. Thanks, Tj.
  9. 999Hp

    How to get clean Sprites (not blurry)

    Hi everybody, It's been 2 days i've been searching around a solution for this problem but with no success... Let me explain quickly : i created a sprite on photoshop with a resolution of 375x335 , 72DPI, RVB, transparent background. In photoshop, the sprites looks really clean, even with a big...
  10. Blur GameScreen Background

    Hi everyone! Well, i've seen this trickle in RPGMVXAce and not see on the MV. Basically, the plugin put the gamescreen as background and blur it. If can adjust the blur it will be confortable. If you don't understand please, see the image above (screen capture with gameplay): The link with...
  11. Blurry fog over region

    Hi guys, Is there a way to hide an area of the map with a blurry fog ? I'm currently using MrTrivels' Dark Room Covers plugin but there's no blur in it. Thanks
  12. Lumi-Sensei

    How to separate canvas rendering?

    This problem is already Solved. I try this code on index <style type="text/css"> CANVAS{image-rendering: pixelated;}</style> to remove blur on fullscreen mode but all the font and image get load like this [/url] pic upload[/IMG] The question is how to seperate image rendering so I can avoid...
  13. San

    Is it still not possible to remove the blur/aliasing from the text?

    I'm making an old school type of game and the blurry text is driving me nuts. There's a plugin called SFont that is the only alternative so far , and it's great for normal text and menus, but it is incompatible with other text plugins (like "shaking text"), and it doesn't work with the text...
  14. RicoRob

    How to remove MV's text blur/antialising? (No 'Sfont')

    I found topics about this... but none with a 'solution' other than using a Sfont. Is there any other way of solving this issue?
  15. Jonforum

    PIXI.BLUR Pictures Layer ? (for space navigation)

    Hello, I' would like embellished my navigation space map of my project. I want. to know if exist any plugin or CallScript technique to put a blur in image layer? In my example, when choosing a planet, I would put a gradual blurring of the background planet. Ideally I'd like to have some...
  16. RicoRob

    Pictures that rotates becomes blurred

    I have this picture (attached) I wanna use, but I'm facing a problem: the picture gets blurred when I set it to rotate. If I start the game in windowed mode, any picture looks fine, but if I change to fullscreen it gets blurred and if I change back to windowed mode it still stays blurred. It...
  17. Akariu

    Blurry Background

    Hello everyone! I got just a little problem over here^^° Every time i open the shop the background gets blurry....I know, it is suppoesed to happen but i want to remove this because i want to use my own pictures behind it and this looks kinda lame then :| The same happens at the custom...
  18. ♥SOURCE♥

    Speed Trail

  19. nio kasgami

    how to force a sprite to do blur?

    Hi people fastly like that How I can do a sprite to make a blur effect? ? I am not sure if this is possible in rpg maker .... thanks if people can help me ;3! 
  20. Preston

    Rpg Maker Vx Ace, Screen Darkening While Scrolling help please.

    Whenever my screen is scrolling my tiles are going all dark. This annoys me to no end. I have tried so many things to make it go away and can't seem to figure out the root of the problem. I've considered maybe its the tile-set, but I hope not, and if It is maybe there is a way to fix it? The...

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