1. How do you make a fullscreen for RPG MV

    Hello all! I am new to RPG Maker. I was wondering how do I increase the size of the screen. For example : I want to have the game in 16x9 and scale it based on the player monitor. In other words have a Fullscreen option in the menu without things getting fuzzy. I have seen this video but it...
  2. show picture blur issue?

    I use the show picture function and the picture goes blurry, but when used instead of the little square in dialogue it looks crisp... any ideas on how to fix this? ;.;
  3. Tjmcnee

    How to fix Blurry Screen

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to remove the blur when going into fullscreen. For now, I have to use magnifier to see the window bigger. Thanks, Tj.
  4. Blurry Paralax

    Hello i make a paralax on my map, and it looked can of blurry then the original. I saw some post, it said that this is a bug in 1.0.1 but my rpg mv is 1.5.1 Is there any fix to this? EDIT Screenshot:
  5. Screen is blurry while playtesting

    It looks like this even without resizing to fullscreen, and it was just like this by default. The only plugins I'm using are Khas's core, graphics, and lighting effects plugins, but I was having this problem before I added them. sample screenshot from editor: the same tiles look like this while...
  6. KanaX

    Resolution Stretch Causes Peculiar Blur.

    I just recently started moving my project on MV from Ace. While still using Ace, I utilized a script that allowed me to double the size of my game window and stretch the 544x416 screen to fit it. After using Shaz's plugin to resize my tiles to the classic 32x32, I tried tinkering with the...
  7. Akariu

    Blurry Background

    Hello everyone! I got just a little problem over here^^° Every time i open the shop the background gets blurry....I know, it is suppoesed to happen but i want to remove this because i want to use my own pictures behind it and this looks kinda lame then :| The same happens at the custom...
  8. _Shadow_

    [Sharing Solved Issue ] Graphics performance issue (blurry scrolling) on VX ACE

    Are you a person that has VX Ace and map scrolling has a jitter, like blurry graphics instead of smooth that makes the game look like trash? Do not worry. It's not VX Ace. It's the AMD CPU you use. It seems AMD CPUs have some performance issues, when it comes to RPG Maker. So what you...

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