board game

  1. Buckthorn

    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    This game is a dark fantasy 1st person dungeon crawler without any crawling and it's inspired by D&D, Wizardry and Dungeon Quest. It's for those people who're a bit tired of getting lost in labyrinths and just wanna get straight to all the action and choices. It uses interactive backgrounds and...
  2. chaucer

    Table Top Board Game

    So I've been playing around with the idea of a table top board-game/rpg hybrid( something like a cross between Mario Party, and a traditional rpg ), and the plugin I've been using is at a stable enough point to release a rough prototype of the board game it's still missing some features which...
  3. chaucer

    RMMV Dice & Dungeons( Title is a WIP )

    Synopsis The world is being threatened by a demon lord that has been mysteriously revived. The demon lord, who is slowly regaining his strength, is corrupting the mana flow of the forest, the stronger he becomes, the further the contamination spreads! In an attempt to save her forest, and the...
  4. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV On Board: Life is Random (Board game, HTML5)

    What is the set up of the scene? It's random... Which characters do you meet in your scenes? It's random... What is are the locations of your scenes? Totally random. Do they play in order? Nope, all random. How about weapons? Random! Armor? Random! Vendors? Random! Ha, so you can...
  5. chaucer

    RMMV RPG Board Game

    A while back I had an idea to make an rpg with a theme of a board game, and over a couple weekends, on my free time I've put together a prototype of how the mechanics would work out, the current demo is pretty rough still, as it's missing a lot of functionality, but I've managed to capture for...
  6. Board game

    Hello i want to make a Mario party style board game with RPG maker mv but i have Some questions 1 How do i make turns for each player 2 how can i make a select how many players button 3 how to choose what player you want (from 8 available characters) 4 how do i make a dice 5 how do I make it so...
  7. MinisterJay

    RMMV Ballden Facing Bullies Board Game Adventure [Browser][Windows]

    Bullying has no boundaries. It cannot be defined by just one's gender, race, creed, nor nationality. That is one of the reason that I am using Ball People in this game. You cannot tell if someone is a bully by what they look like. In this game you will find that characters use compliments...
  8. Vis_Mage

    Community Board Game Project

    Hello! :) For a while now, I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to give back to the community that has helped me so much over the years. Unfortunately, art and composing isn’t really my forte. Recently, I was playing Mario Party with my friend, and it hit me that a board game style game...
  9. AnnTenna

    Where are my Internets?

    It is a board game set in a strange fictional world that resembles our present-day world, but with elements of humour and surreal events. You play as a typical city person who arrives in a desolate countryside with no trace of the internet. Your aim is to survive in these tough conditions. There...
  10. Chaosgod_Espér

    What race do you want playable in a role-playing board game?

    hi there, I wanted to start a small poll It´s not just for fun - i want to use your answers to make my game better. The Question is: What race, next to humans, do you want / have playable in a role-playing board game? It´s cause i´m creating a board Game in the kind of Lego Heroica. Therefor...

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