boat event

  1. DeathZacus

    Boat sprite under the water.

    Hello, recently I was making my first RPG, and I was looking through vehicles. However, I was met with some errors. I tried to spawn a boat in the water next to an island, however the boat was invisible. I tried to go on it as well as off, and that worked. However, I think the root of the...
  2. Alli Crane

    Is it possible to treat a vehicle like a regular event so it appears after a switch is triggered?

    I'm really trying to make an event which makes the boat ( or any vehicle ) appear after a certain thing happens in the game, but I do not get to find a way. I even tried " Set Vehicle Location " but that doesn't seem to work.
  3. Water Lily-boat in a not "Overworld" tileset

    Hi guys, I need help in eventing a "Water Lily" to act as a boat for this particular map I am making. So far, what I have done is make the 1st event have a 2nd page that contains a switch condition which will make it "Move toward Player" and make it "Repeat" itself. The player and the Lily...

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