1. Kes

    Problem setting boat starting position

    I have been mapping a dungeon which involves using the boat to get from one island to another.  In order to check passability, transfer events and such like, I put the player's starting position on the map, together with the boat's starting position.   I have done all the preliminary testing...
  2. Kes

    Boat passability issues

    I am using my own animated water tiles which I have placed in the first position on the A1 tiles sheet (referred to as Block A in the tileset specifications of the Help file).  The tile set of which this forms a part is an Area type, not a Field type, as it is a large lake, not a sea or an...
  3. MasterNight01

    Needing help with Boat vehicle

    Hey there. I have a problem in my game with the Boat. When I get on the boat, it works fine. But when I have to get off, I can't. I just can't get off the boat. I don't know why, really. I wish someone could help me. I'm using Celianna's Tile, a custom boat sprite and the Vehicle On Off...
  4. headdie

    Sea Ship Help

    Hi all I am looking for a RMVX ACE tile set for a wooden ship to fit in with the standard tileset style. The ship is a merchant vessel docked in port, the orientation of the map means I would prefer a ship running top to bottom rather than horizontally though if it comes to I can rebuild the...
  5. devonair320

    Boat Turns but Doesn't Move

    As said, my ship turns but doesn't move no matter what. I'm using the Dungeon tileset, and I'm using the first tile in A1. I've tried the second tile, and I've tried both the boat and the ship, and neither work. Both seem to be able to turn though, just not move. I've changed both tiles that...
  6. Boat Desperate For Help

    Hi, Everyone I'm trying to give the boat the tank graphic attached, but when I try to use it, the engine uses the wrong dimensions. I only get half a tank. Could someone please help me learn how to change the engine/graphic to fit the boat?
  7. wrigty12

    Modern boat tiles?

    Hey there, I am making a port town, and I need somewhat "modern" boats, not so much pirate ships and rowboats that I see everywhere. I have searched around, but have not come up with anything. Does anyone have any, or know where to find some? Thanks!
  8. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    Good Tidings from the MEMFIS Corporation, I am currently working on a game based on a modern theme with RPGMAKER VX ACE. But I can't seem to find any Spritesheets for any of the said vehicles above anywhere. :( If anyone could please supply a sprite of the above vehicles, I would really...
  9. Euphony

    RMXP Tile Add-Ons

    Credit: Euphony. A link back to this thread would be nice as well, but not necessary. Non-Commercial: Totally free! Just keep in mind you have to own RPG Maker XP to use them. Commercial: Same conditions as non-commercial. Repost: Please do not post these resources elsewhere. If you want to...

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