1. StishStash


    Is there a tileset for a yacht or at least a boat tileset that can look convincingly like a yacht?
  2. AA's Backup Plan

    Docking Mechanic?

    I'm making a game where there is islands, so of course, core mechanic: boat. But the boat can go anywhere, and land anywhere. I want it so it can only land on a "dock", or an event where it can act as the only neutral land, and the actual neutral land isn't accessible?
  3. Ancientspark74

    boat ship and airships cannot be cancelled!

    In the system settings, as soon as you assign a starting point for a boat, ship or airship...  you can choose OTHER locations but it will seemingly NOT allow you  to clear that setting to nothing..  I tried and tried...   I don't want some of these in my game but now it will not allow me to...
  4. How to delete vehicles?

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace I'm trying to make a moment in the game where I create a ship taking off, then switch over to inside of the ship so I can make a cutscene. When the ship is still taking off, I transfer the player to another map, which is the ship. But then the ship appears again when I...
  5. PhoenixX92

    How to have two boats on one map?

    How do I go about putting a boat down in two areas on the same map? I have two closed in bodies of water, and I'd like to be able to have a different one in each place. Just an example picture there, the bodies of water would be completely separated from the deep waters, so the same boat nor...

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