1. StartTsu_

    Slim body without clothes for male and female.

    Male/Female SV, TV, TVD + Masks Download -
  2. Lost Generator Part

    OKAY. I was backing up my MV generator parts and I think I deleted my "female body". (Yes I am a noob). Can anyone help me out? How do I get this part back?
  3. Klandaghi

    Request for Generator Modifications/Patching Body Selection

    As a Generator Part Designer for RPG Maker MV, I would like to have a Body Option under the Male and Female Tabs in the Generator to be able to select different body types for more variation in character design with less hassle of swapping files inside the Generator.  The preference of the Body...
  4. Daiyedlily

    Daiy's sprites

    Annnnd I'm back again, this time with sprite bodies i made 100% Just the bodies, because I felt it would be limiting to the creative peoples around here, so feel free to throw hair and clothes on them and use them. Please just credit me, for commercial and non-commercial uses~    female:   male...
  5. Exias

    Interior of a body

    I've noticed the body tiles for rpg maker are extremely limited and am wondering if there are any body tile sets that will allow me to create something similar to Juggernaut from Legia (such as moving fluids and bridges and doors and such). Thanks!
  6. TecNoir

    Full Bodied character text faces.

    So Could someone tell me how to set my game up show that when text shows, it shows the full body of a character like in the picture I submitted. That seems to be much higher quality than the small faces I can put in. And if it's something I have to buy then can you link me to it?

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