bonus effects

  1. PixelBoy360

    Adding bonus damage to an attack if the target is poisoned.

    So basically I want a skill to do 10% more damage if the enemy it's attacking is poisoned. None of the formulas do anything and I'm not sure if this is due to a plugin inhibiting it or my own negligence in finding the problem?
  2. Jachan

    Combination of Buff States problem.

    I am not so sure how to do this but... I do use YEP plugins, including Auto Passive States and few others related, including "Lunatic Pack - Passive Condition Cases". And that's where I come to... You know, when to meet the condition, the state will pop up to activate in effect, yeah? Like, if...
  3. Redeye

    A Few plugins that I need (List, too lazy to make separate threads for each)

    First off, if the title to this thread or this thread in general is too vague and complex, I already filled the Tags with the contents that I'm seeking right now. Currently, I'm looking for 7 Plugins that I need for this little MV Sideproject of mine. They mostly consist of battle mechanics...

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