1. Runako

    Guest NPCs that add Perks

    Very Briefly, Hime has a plugin called Guest Followers, which adds actors to the party that don't participate in battle. This works as an illusion really because all we see is that the NPC is following the party members. I want this feature for my game, but with an addition: How would I create...
  2. Reapergurl

    *Special Sound Effect* 'Ooh, I just found some secret (stuff)!' : Good or Bad for an RPG?

    I've always been fascinated with the idea of finding something well hidden, and receiving a nice bonus for doing so. Like, in the Tomb Raider series, for example, when you find something hidden, you hear an ambient sound that gets your attention. My friend who feels the same, always coos...
  3. captainproton

    Weapon Proficiency/Element Bonuses?

    Okay, so, I know that you can assign different weapon types and element rates to different classes.  But, how can you make it so that a particular class uses a particular weapon type BETTER than another, or gets a bonus (a la Pokemon) from using a particular element?  Examples:  All...
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Passive Skills

    Name: Passive Skills Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-12   What does it do? Allows skills to give passive bonuses to actors.   Screenshot: None. How to use? Use the following tag on the skills you'd like: <Passive...
  5. wrigty12

    Request: Equipment Sets (and Bonuses)

    In RPG Maker Vx Ace, there were two types of scripts that allowed for Equipment Sets, giving bonuses to actors that have multiple equipment equipped of the same "set". Here are the two scripts: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/13031-d13x-equipment-sets/...
  6. Downloaded Trial before Buying - Only received Code without Preorder Bonuses

    Hi, I downloaded the RMMV trial earlier today and decided I wanted to buy the full program with the 10% off and get the preorder bonus plugins and resources. But once I paid for the full program, I only received an email with an activation code. I cannot find any special plugins or resources...
  7. Bonuses and Special Abilities for a Hidden Equipable Object

    So, I'm working on a game that is somewhat based in our modern day world, but with D&D-like elements (Ability scores, special skills, various classes, feats, etc). Throughout the story one, some or all of the party members will be required to infiltrate certain buildings and areas of operation...
  8. Tsukihime

    Parameter Bonuses

    This script allows you to define "Parameter bonuses" for your actors. A parameter bonus is simply a bonus that will be added to your parameters based on a formula. Bonuses are added on top of base params; if you set your base param to 0, then the bonuses can be used as a custom parameter...

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