1. KrimsonKatt

    Boost Points for Extra Actions Plugin

    Hello. I would like to request a battle system plugin. The main function of this plugin is to allow the battler to use a "boost" in order to allow them to preform additional actions. However, this isn't like an extra hit, you can select a completely new action and then execute that action along...
  2. Sektor

    [MV] Olivia Boost Point System Require BP

    Hi, I'm totally new at RpgMaker. And I use the Olivia OctoPack Battler system in my game. https://fallenangelolivia.itch.io/boost-point-system And I have some issues with the Boost point system... I want to create a spell that Require 3 BP to be used. But : <Require 3 BP> don't work for me...
  3. Dcraft

    Boost user when affected by state

    What I am trying to do is a passive skill which when the user is affected by x state increases one of its parameters. I'm pretty sure it can be done with some yanfly engines but I do not know how to put them all together and make it work, in any case I hope to read any kind of help. *Edit: To...
  4. Setting up condition for two positive effects of different scales

    Title may not be the best way to describe it, but here goes... I decided to give Noah a self-made skill which I dubbed "Pillars of Light". What this skill is meant to do is heal the user (pretty easy, use HP recover damage type) BUT I also want it to buff the entire active party with a large...
  5. SonoKiabutsu

    WoW - Enhanced Pyrotechnics

    Hi guys, I'm trying to recreate the passive ability from World of Warcraft called "Enhanced Pyrotechnics". The state needs to do the following: When Fireball does not inflict a critical hit, increase the actors CRIT by 10%. This effect stacks. The critical hit boost is removed when a...
  6. Val

    Gain Bonus XP or Gold if you win fight Quickly! Rank Fight? Script please help ^_^

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a script that can give a Bonus XP or Gold if you finish a fight quickly. Ex: You finish the fight before a certain time and you get 2 time the gold and XP. Similar to something in FF13 that could give a Rank or something at the result screen so people...

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