1. Eff-n-Geoff

    Removing or Hiding Lag when the player first loads / boots a game

    Hi there, thank you all for the support so far ... we're now 2 weeks or so away from launch and it's looking good :) We only have one issue that we'd love to solve, but we think it might be un-solve-able so could it be hidden? Basically, whenever you load up our game for the first time or...
  2. Lakaroth

    Bug or Lag problem only on boot (Video provide)

    Hello guys, i find a really strange Bug or Glitches and i really don't understand how to fix it, i'll explain. I'm creating a Zelda Style Action Game, i use Quasi Movement for pixel movement, but this bug is not a question of plugin, because i have it in any project when i use parallel...
  3. K. B. Miller

    AutoLoad Last Save at Boot? (Not A Function??)

    Hiya, everyone! ^^ Now that I've upgraded to MV, I thought it's finally time to create a forum account and talk to you all! Being a hobbyist, MV kinda threw me a loop with the plugins and the disappearing Resource Manager and whatever, but it's nothing I can't learn to deal with. I'm not used...

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