1. koraiel

    Cinematic style Header and Footer Black Bars

    I searched google and the forums for this answer and have yet to find it. I would like to try to create permanent black borders on the top and bottom of the window 4 lines each, so as to incorporate specific dialogue sections to use (bottom dialogue for narration, npcs - top bar for player...
  2. Faherya

    Is it possible to add borders to bitmap objects?

    Hello everyone, good afternoon. Let me see, this is the default battleback: As you can see, the image is well shifted on a black background. Is it possible to add some type of border in these maps? In this case, in the battleback image? Perhaps a single contour line could improve slightly...
  3. Jogabba

    Screen shake issue

    Hello! I have a little problem with RPG Maker's MV built-in screen shake option. When the screen shakes, I can see black borders instead of the actual map, which makes the effect a bit ugly. Is there any way to fix this issue?  Thanks in advance! 
  4. How do you make the borders in a tileset?

    Hi I'm working on my own tileset and I was wondering how exactyly do you make borders?! I looked around the forums and online, but I'm not sure if theres an exact name for them. They look like this image on this post If anyone...
  5. Font Expertise needed

    Hello I am fairly new to the VX version of software, and I am currently working on a Pokemon game. I Want this game to have:  -Black font -Black as default so its in the menus as well -No font borders  -a way to test and change the default font -A unique cursor for selecting. Not the box...

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