boss bars

  1. enemy and boss bars?

    hi is there a way to make boss and enemy bars so you know how much health a enemy/boss has left?
  2. How to stop enemys damaging same party member

    so i have implemented a final boss for my game but every time it uses double or triple attack well not all the time most of the time i meant the boss attacks 1 party member twice and it is incredibly broken and op at times anyone know the fix to this? OH and how do i make boss bars
  3. DamianCastaway

    [MV Request] Boss/enemy HP bars

    Something that was very big for me back in VX Ace were the plugins that could add Boss Bars (Like Moghunter: ) and enemy HP bars. The coolest thing was that you could change the interface graphically to design your own and using the script...

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