1. Lord Vectra

    Tips on Mechnically Broken Bosses?

    We talk a lot about boss mechanics and how to not make bosses all-immune damage-sponges, but let’s talk about OP bosses that don’t fit in that category… specifically bosses you’ve given AI too… The Unbeatable-By-AI bosses. It’s quite easy to make an unbeatable boss since the AI knows what the...
  2. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to make an enemy that is a clone of a party member?

    In my project, there is a late-game dungeon that culminates with a boss battle against four "Shadows" of the four party members. The idea is that the Shadows would scale with the player character, and would use spells & skills those characters have access to. I considered making them...
  3. How to stop enemys damaging same party member

    so i have implemented a final boss for my game but every time it uses double or triple attack well not all the time most of the time i meant the boss attacks 1 party member twice and it is incredibly broken and op at times anyone know the fix to this? OH and how do i make boss bars
  4. ScorchedGround

    Should you make an automated system to adjust the strength of Bosses?

    Hello everyone, I could use some opinions on this matter. Okay, to quickly summarize what I have going on right now: (Note: I am using MV, but this is basically applicable to all Engines) Every Major Boss, Optional Boss and Miniboss has a "Recommended Level" associated with them. And when the...
  5. KrimsonKatt

    Question about "Attack Element."

    So in my game there is a boss that has the ability to turn all battler's physical attacks thunder elemental, which he absorbs. This includes skills along with standard attacks. I currently have the skill target everyone and give them a "electrified" state which activates the trait "Attack...
  6. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  7. KrimsonKatt

    Enemy that completely copies actor?

    So in my game there is an optional boss called "Replica" which consists of 4 battlers that completely copy everything about the actors participating in the battle. All stats including HP, AP, (MMP) STR, (ATK) DEF, MAG, (MAT) RES, (MDF) SPD, (AGI) and SKL, (LUK) weapons and armor equipped and the...
  8. Customized boss?

    Hey guys, I'm new here so if I posted in the wrong thread or there is one out there please let me know! I'm using RPG Maker MV and I created an evil character I want as a boss later on. Does anyone know how to implement that so I can use him for actual fighting against and not just one of the...
  9. ovate

    KirishimaMan MV RTP character edits

    Terms of Use- credit: 霧島万 (KirishimaMan) Commercial use: OK (you can't sell material by itself) Redistribution: OK Processing: OK Redistribution after processing: OK, credit KirishimaMan For RPG Maker MV For crediting, mention "KirishimaMan" in ReadMe or credits Source...
  10. Journey_Sticks

    Candy Tiles and Enemies for MV

    Candy Country Tileset Candy characters and battlers These are my creation, use them however you want, no credit necessary If you have any ideas for anything to "sweeten the pot", please feel free to make suggestions! I will be updating this tileset and creating more to go with it.
  11. Iqus

    MV/MZ - INV TrackTroop - Change battle music depending on troopID

    Do you want your boss battles to use a different Background Music without having to use event commands? Are you planning on having riddle enemies that would use a different, more mysterious music track? This plugin allows you to specify different tracks for different enemy troop IDs. You can...
  12. carnorantor

    How to set up a portal after boss death?

    Hey Gamers, I was interested in setting up a portal after a bosses death. After boss dies, he says how he will be back yada yada and vanishes (got that part done) but I was also interested if a portal appeared after those events that takes you to the next zone. Is that possible, and if so, how...
  13. DarkKxng101

    Ideal Boss

    What kind of Boss/ Villians do have you always wanted in RPG games but have never seen?
  14. Chronoengine ABS mode, Boss HP

    I need help making my boss HP display on screen and I dunnow how to use it. I see the plugin command, , but I don't know what it does. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the boss HP to display. Can anyone give me assistance? EDIT: Here is the plugin I'm talking about...
  15. MiinionX

    Area music to keep playing during a specific fight

    Hello there! I am attempting to create a boss fight where the boss theme plays slightly before the boss fight begins, and said song will carry over into the fight itself (as in seamlessly transition not restart). Essentially the boss attempts a potshot on one of the protagonists, and the fight...
  16. NickFox2005

    Real Time Boss-Battle

    Hello! i'd like to ask something, how can you make a boss battle similiar to this in RPG Maker MV? It's been really bugging me and i think that this'll be useful for my horror game project!
  17. Avanoh

    Boss That Copies

    I was interested in making a boss that would copy player moves rather than using his own moves exclusively, as well as splitting into multiple copies of himself at some phase in the fight, followed by those copies transforming into “clones” of each party member while also using their move sets...
  18. Need help with a pretty complicated boss fight (Solved!)

    So, Here's the thing. I want to make a boss fight That's in real time. He has 3 actions. 1st one : Teleports at the player and slashes 2nd one : Teleports 5 cases up away from the player, and shoots something that goes down and damages the player if hit. 3rd one : Teleports in the middle top of...
  19. Ed19

    boss revive mechanic

    I need help with my final boss revive mechanic, let's say like this : Boss A Minion 1 Minion 2 The boss has the "minion shield" buff, so the boss is completely invulnerable when the minions are still alive. So, here's my plan : I would like the boss revives all minions after 3-5 turns after...
  20. AdamSakuru

    MOG Hunter Boss HP Bar - Switch for Visibility?

    https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-boss-hp-meter/ Here's a link to the plugin, it's also attached in case you don't feel like downloading the master demo to get it. Basically, I have a lot of custom eventing in my game. When a battle begins, nothing on the screen is supposed to be seen (it's...

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