1. Shiratsuyu

    RMMV Trials of Proelium

    Hello! Glad you decided to check out my project :kaoblush: I am a college student studying game design and media technology. I am working on this project during my spare time. I have been working on it for quite some time and hope to release it during fall or winter. It's not finished yet so...
  2. sawworm

    RMMV Castle Greyrot (Rogue-like RPG)

    Castle Greyrot is a party-based rogue-like RPG with adventure and boss rush elements combined together. The Castle itself is full of mysteries, deadly traps, treasures and enemies. It is rumored that Castle Greyrot is a living being that changes its location every 10 years and corrupts its...
  3. deficiencyproductionz


    PLAY FREE DEMO NOW ON ITCH!! STORY TEASER: The world ends in seven moons. Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are... out of place? No, how could you? After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. Indeed, our only hope is the very Goddess we shunned...
  4. atoms

    How do you handle Poison/Burn/Bleed states when applying them to both enemies and bosses?

    I'm just curious what other people do, since if we go by the basic formula in MV, I think it is Posion is -10% HP per Turn, and I find that's waaay too much on bosses for the same Posion skill that you use on the enemies. What I'm testing out lately is have four levels for each state. For...
  5. ts50

    Poison deals too much damage to bosses.

    Hey. I have a poison state (like most games), and it does a reasonable amount of damage to normal enemies. But against bosses, it deals far too much damage. If I decreased the damage done from the state, however, the normal enemies would take too little damage. Does anybody know how I could get...
  6. Arctorius

    Refightable Bosses, How do I stop exp grinding?

    My game consist mostly of boss fights, boss fights that can be refought. That means that the player could break the difficulty of the game by grinding them. I thought of answers to this problem. First, I wanted the enemies to give zero exp, and recieve the exp through an "Change level" event...
  7. Help me!

    Hi, so I made an rpg game and I currently have five bosses, is there a way that when I defeat all five, a tile disappears. The tile is just a block that blocks a hallway so when you defeat all five, the tile disappears. Please help me! Im using RPG Maker VX btw. NOT ACE!
  8. Ideas for boss creatures

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask a simple question since I believe it fits in a general discussion thread. What do you think would be an awesome idea for a boss? I have 13 elements in my game thus far and 13 bosses to meet each element. Fire, ice, thunder, earth, water, poison, light, dark...
  9. BottleCapGames

    How Many Bosses?

    Okay, so I'm obsessed. With making bosses.:kaoluv: However, for the sake of length in a game, how many bosses do you think is enough? My game has a crazy amount of chapters, so could I put one for every chapter? However, most bosses aren't too long. (P.S: I'm developing a tactics game.)
  10. 02Aya

    [RPG VX] Help with custom Battlers?

    This is an RPG VX game and I would appreciate someone's help >< I need 1 custom Battler by September 1st 2017. It will be used in the demo released with the game trailer. Now, I'm aiming for an anime-ish style. There is NO need of duplicating the art style of VX Ace. (This only needs drawn...
  11. dnel57

    Different Level Bosses/Random Order??

    Not sure how to label the title. The game I am planning out,is to be a large,free roaming game. There will be eight required dungeons (bosses) during the largest part of the of the game. They will be scattered throughout the "world" What I would like to ask: is there a way to script,use...
  12. TriceratopsX

    Multi-target Boss?

    Hello! So quick question, how do you make a multi-part boss? Not like the boss transforms and has different "Stages" in the fight itself, but where there are multiple targets ON/IN the boss itself. For example the Dragon Tank in Chrono Trigger, The boss has three "parts" that the player...
  13. Canini

    Favorite boss battles

    In this thread we share our favorite boss battles, be they either a final boss or some lowly miniboss. If you are writing about a boss in a game that is recent, please put it in a spoiler tag! My favorite boss battle is Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie. Talk about the perfect "final exam" boss...
  14. Dacuna

    How to make bosses immune to an instant death skill?

    So I've made a skill that has a 1000% chance of causing the Death (Knockout) state, but of course I don't want it to work on certain enemies such as bosses and special monsters. I've tried setting the State Rate (not State Resist) of those certain enemies to 0% like I've heard other people...
  15. Industrial Gamer

    RMVXA A Cure from Reality

    --------A Cure From Reality-------- -------Industrial Robot Games------ This game is an RPG with graphics inspired by Earthbound. In this game you explore a strange land different from what you're used to. Inanimate objects trying to fight? Monsters and other beasts walk the...
  16. TriceratopsX

    Resizing Boss sprites?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong category... I got the rpg maker freebies part 12 for the awesome Japanese myth bosses, and in my game I was going to have the player fight the tiger/bull/spider/thing Tsuchigumo but when I put it in the troops section in the database the sample picture of how the...
  17. mididragon

    Random Starting character good or bad?

    What if you started as a random character, having the ability to obtain super rare characters or normal one's so..., the idea is for: party members, bosses and, maybe even the story to be chosen randomly. maybe your first play through your a legendary hero bent on taking down a dragon king...
  18. Mell Mélange 2, Demo Available!

      Updates A demo is now available! This demo is probably more accurately called a test build. It includes pretty much everything. I have searched for bugs, but I am only one person. There might be some that slipped by. Any opinions on pretty much everything would be helpful, especially boss...
  19. tonytechno

    Twisted Dungeons

    Hello everyone of this topic. So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much Final Fantasy/Diablo/Sword Art Online so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy. no perma-death though, but the boss monsters are extremely hard to kill...

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