1. Consumable Ammo with use of Firing Weapon

    So I have looked around and can't find anything concrete on this. Is there a way to create a consumable type of ammo to use with a weapon, such as a Bow in one hand and an arrow where the Shield would be. Anyone know a way I could do this so that when I have any arrows left it lets me fire it...
  2. Archadian777

    Victor Scripts Animated Battles Bow Graphics

    I can not download the bow graphics from due to the pictures not loading for some reason, this makes my game crash every time I try to use a bow. Can someone please help me get these...
  3. Evan Finkel

    Bow icons anyone?

    Hello, I was wondering if there's any bows icons on this internet world? Materials Needed Possibly icy, iron, and other varieties of arrows as well! 24x24, matching to VXAce's RTP icons. Necessarily made with RTP Palette~
  4. Dawn of Dark

    Victor Engine animated battle problem

    Hey, guys. I have been trying to implement Victor's Engine for my game. Here's the link to his blog: What I have been trying to use specifically are the Animated Battle and Actors Battlers. I followed his User's Manual and got them to work...
  5. Treegen

    Bow with animated battlers: NOT WORKING

    So im using victors animated battlers and i want my bow to shoot then do damage. i downloaded the graphics from the site for the bow and it shoots fine but when it hits it does no damage :( i looked everywhere and found people fixed the problem but it still wont work for me! can anyone help?

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