1. MasterLagger

    NPC's Move While Text is Displayed?

    I've noticed that when a text box is displayed in-game that the NPC's that wander around still move about. This isn't a big problem at the moment, but it could be later on when I start adding enemy NPC's. Say for example, you open a treasure chest and a 'You got...blahblahblah' text box pops up...
  2. Tiranoua

    Name Box brain hurts :(

    Ok, I'm completely new when it comes to Ruby Script, and I'm pretty much starting from the bottom! I'm trying to get my head around how to insert a Name Box above the text box when an NPC talks. I have looked at this: and...
  3. mobychan

    MSS Text SE

    Text SE - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.07.23 Updates: N/A Script Description: This Script plays a SE you define in the module at the top every x letters. These settings can be made in a module: SE File Name Pitch Range Volume Interval(x) List of methods: Compatible Scripts: Should...

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