1. Squares and charas of enemies

    I am looking for boxes that are not very RTP, I also look for the sprites of enemy charas to use in events. The boxes must be fantasy and epic if possible. Also, I need torch sprites, standing and hanging on the wall. And some music estilo fantasia medieval. I do not intend to commercialize my...
  2. Gravemaster

    Yanfly's Skill Restrictions with Neon Black's Effect Box Script

    (For VX Ace) Both scripts work great individually, but I want them to work together. Neon Black's Effect Box Script already displays the abilities of skills, but it seems to mess up when said skills have Yanfly's Skill Restrictions (link from version 1.02. I am using 1.03 but little has changed)...
  3. Reapergurl

    Circular or other shaped text/menu boxes?

    There aren't many games I've seen/played with message or menu boxes/bubbles that aren't square/rectangular, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it to where such a thing would be possible without cracking hardcoded anything (that's a messy job that's reeeeeeealllly HARD to clean up)...

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