1. Kupotepo

    RMMV Looking for Ideas for Traps

    I create a [military] scout class's skills in my game and I try to come up with the name of the traps and the trap effect. I let you know something I tried to create turn-based trigging skills [Please do not get distracted with my mumble]. Animal hunter or ranger, outdoor survivalist experience...
  2. Kupotepo

    What you think about Order society vs. Chao society in RPG Games?

    This reflective discusses which I intend to learn, understand, and expand my perspectives on how to execute better writing plots for RPG games. Are heroes have to take justice on their hands or the people in authority help them punishment the villains in your games? Isn't true that people who...
  3. MobileSuitSonic

    Monsters for a Japanese/Chinese/Korean setting.

    Not to be confused with an earlier concept regarding yo-kai, but that can be umbrella'd into this category. In my project, there's a part where you have to slay a vampire shogun and fight through a bunch of ghosts and monsters in his hellish fief. Thanks to that Samurai Resources bundle for...
  4. MobileSuitSonic

    Prehistoric Enemies

    If, hypothetically, a portion of a game took place in prehistory, what would make for good enemies? I know raptors for one, but what else?
  5. Carduus

    Gameplay aspects to stress moral ambiguity?

    One thing I've seen time and time again on these forums is that gameplay should be used to reinforce a game's theme or overall desired 'mood', but oftentimes, that's easier said than done. A mood of childlike joy could be enhanced by simplistic skills, bright, geometric shapes, and a very...
  6. TheGamedawg

    What else could a mimic impersonate?

    Mimics are commonly depicted as treasure chests that come to life and attack you when you try to open them. However what a lot of people seem to forget is that according to the first uses of mimics, they can actually take on the form of basically anything for the sole purpose of tricking...
  7. Psykofreac

    What would you like to see in a tactics RPG?

    I believe the TRPG genre has a lot of potential that haven't yet been explored. The movement, range and locations add a new layer to combat after all. Basically, we can have dash attacks, knock backs, abilities that impede movement or AoE moves that specifically damages a target and their...
  8. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    Throughout my experience, I have always pondered the usage of a Pre Order "Bonus" incentive; when launching a commercial game. In today's age pre-ordering isn't as important nor relevant as it used to be. Regardless, pre-ordering has became an intricate cycle within the game development process...
  9. CzarSquid

    A concept for a Roguelike game - What do you think?

    I've been planning out a roguelike gaming experience that could potentially work well in RPGmaker. With MV coming out soon I'd like to create a game that would offer high replay value, high difficulty, and still be a RPG game. I've played enough roguelikes to conclude what makes them great and...
  10. Alkorri

    Alkorri's NaNoWriMo Motivator Machine!

    Dear mods, this isn't game-related, I don't think? So I'm posting it here. Feel free to move it if not :) Ladies and gentlemen! There seems to be a number of people here (four, I counted so far) who are doing NaNoWriMo this November. As a mere one-time winner, I just thought I'd offer my...
  11. CheshireJelly

    Fire Dungeon ideas?

    Hey... me again :P This time I was wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm for ideas for puzzles to put in a fire dungeon. It's found in a volcano so you know lots of lava and stuff. I'm really stumped here. Also I'd like something that'd be somewhat easy for me to make/execute due to the...
  12. captainproton

    game titles

    For my current game, I'm using the working title "The Book of 12 Stars." It's actually the title of an old Nanowrimo story of mine, though there is little similarity between the two. I'm having trouble coming up with a proper title for the game, an am hoping someone here could lend a brain...

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