1. 22pepperjack

    Breaking Rocks - RTP Animation

    Resource Type: Animation Maker Format: MV Art Style: original RTP Description: so it might already exist, I'm not sure, if so, i would greatly appreciate it if someone could find me this animation. I'm looking for an animation for the grey and brown rocks breaking apart./crumbling (located...
  2. _Shadow_

    How to fix most of the problems after an update on MV

    Most of the updates that come with an engine like RPG Maker MV (RPGMV from now on) will actually cause problems to projects in development. Since we had a load of Steam and forum request on issues that can be easily be fixed, by following the same simple steps, I decided to create a thread to...
  3. AdamSakuru

    V1.6 Update is Causing Various Problems In My Game Project

    Holy hell, this has been annoying. After the new update my battle scenes freeze during the events on Turn 0. I have my battle scene appear to have a window open from a completely black screen with the battles taking place 'inside' of the window (just images.) These events were working before...
  4. N-Game Arts

    Skills Lowering Equipment Durability

    Hello, I've been gone for sometime and want to get back to work on my game. <3 and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. ^^; I've took a lot of your guys advice and have done many changes and tweaks but I'm still looking into making a Resident Evil inventory setup.... if anyone remembers...
  5. Benja

    Ways to shatter the fourth wall

    Hiya there! So I am creating a horror game in rpg maker (VX ace) that directly interacts with the player and the player's computer to deliver sp00ks. Buuuuut I'm running out of ways to do this, and I was hoping you guys could help! Here's what I've done so far: The game creates text...
  6. KanaX

    Script Call line continuation

    I'm creating a script call command, which is rather large and doesn't fit in the Script Box window. Obviously, in its current form it gives me an error, so I tried looking up some Ruby tutorials as to how to break a line into two by using "/', but that didn't work either. How can I continue a...
  7. SinfulBeauty

    Enemies Protected by "boon". Must be Broken

    Hey there, guys and gals. Here's my mere predicament... I'm planning to add a feature to my baddies that automatically renders them invulnerable to physical attacks(mainly with a state). But, the "boon" can be broken by using certain skills. Quick question: How does one do such a perilous task?
  8. Njalm2

    Lowering Elemental Resistances with Skills?

    Hello. So I recently began tinkering around with RMVXAce, and I ran into the question of whether or not it was possible to break through elemental resistances in some ways? What I'm attempting to do is to make my primary physical juggernaut capable of breaching a monsters natural defenses...
  9. Resistance Breaker

    Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. Yes, yes, get your groans out of the way. I completely accept my suckiness, and am unsure as to whether this is the right section or not for this post, but here goes. So, I'm working on a game, obviously, and in it, I have a bonus boss in the form of the...
  10. shiori4me

    My easy, non-scripted Disarm/Strip Equipment/Weapon Break

    Just in case you didn't think of it. What you do is you apply a 1-turn state that seals certain equipment types. If you're using a mid-battle equip script, naturally you won't be able to change equipment until the turn is over. So you could have a skill, Disarm, that adds a state that seals...
  11. dahilig007

    Parallel Process (Talking NPC)

    I was working in a particular project when suddenly.. I thought of an idea About NPCs talking to each other. Well normally we use "Stepping Animation" to make them look like talking. So I was wondering of putting the "Stepping Animation" to both NPCs in Parallel Process so the player can...

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