1. atoms

    What are your thoughts on mini-limit breaks? I.e. Preserved TP for them?

    I was thinking about having mini-limit break skills with the purpose to use them for some regular encounters in battles. I was thinking of making it so TP is preserved, at least on characters that have these mini-limit breaks. To explain better, they are skills that cost a small amount of TP...
  2. That Bread

    I save, I load it and it breaks?

    I've come upon a terrifying error, one that will kill me and my project(well more like a huge delay) if I cannot fix it. Why? Well I already put alot of work into setting it up in the first place, it only occurred to me recently that this happens So this is the error. Now someone explained to...

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Was real busy today but I found a few minutes to start on the named cultists and how to give each of them visually distinctive morphology within the confined of the cult robes. I really dislike straight recolors so I trying real hard with the small details on these.
Here's a BlueSkies 3 Announcement Trailer up! :yhappy: Hope you all enjoy! ^^ <3

Art Twitter is nice, Im so used to that platform being....A literal maw of despair.
with the apartment done, I've finished work on the first area and begun the tutorial. Have a sneak peak at the Biting Boroughs.

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