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  1. Load Game Screen has issue in browser build !

    Hey everyone wanted to share a problem i have been facing, I am close to releasing my first VN, i tested the browser build locally on http file server and everything seems to run well on my local machine testing, so I went ahead and uploaded the VN package on and GameJolt, and came...

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I really like your profile picture! Who is that in it? is she an OC?
Making his first game
This scene was suppose to be a test... but now, it's going in the game as official side/optional content. :kaosalute:

functionality(This is function demo not game demo)
1 The door of ABS map can open upon clearing all the monsters
2 Secret room/road arrow/lighting/whatever others can be shown upon clearing too
3 Boss HP bar and loot effect, loot jump and item name color as well as the pick-up animation effect
4 Back to town and "victory aftermath" screen for ABS maps/rooms

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