browser game

  1. Indsh

    Browser Variations

    So i'm deploying my game for browser play and its currently playable but im seeing changes. atm i'm pretty sure one plugin and common events are not running, but this is what I have noticed before getting on the second map. I just want to know generally what changes when you export for...
  2. Matseb2611

    Shuffle Scuffle - a browser game

    Heya guys. This is a small browser game I made over the past few weeks while in between large projects. It is free to play on Kongregate, but it makes its revenue from the ads, hence why it's here in the commercial games forum. So you can jump in and play it at any time. Trailer preview...
  3. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Super Cool【Demo】|#| 2D-Shooter (with Template-Version)

    "Super - Hot - Super - Ho..." - Well... I mean... - "Super - Cool - Super - Cool"! Based on the game "Super Hot" (Time only moves when you move). Move in the shadows like a "ninja", eliminate the combat robots with a clean shot and when they see you... RUN! If you get too close to your...
  4. Fring Frang

    Meteghan Frenchy's User Experience Simulation

    CLICK HERE TO PLAY IN YOUR BROWSER Game Synopsis, setting, and characters: This isn't a traditional RPG game. There are no goals other than to explore Meteghan Frenchy's, modeled after the iconic thrift store, and interact with people and the environment to hear their stories. The characters...
  5. Twisted_Warlok

    Just a small request, can you access my game from your browser?

    Thanks in Advance RPGMaker Community! I would just like to know if you guys can reach my game at ? If so, thanks! If not, please let me know what browser you're using! If you get lag, let me know what browser you're using and if that's something that happens with other...
  6. hian

    Attack on Titan tribute Game

    Anyone else play this game? I'm giving it a go, and so far it's pretty entertaining. game: forums: game-play from an older version: Essentially, it's like this weird 3d...

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