1. tale

    Screenfly – Test Your Website at Different Resolutions

    https://bluetree.ai/screenfly/ Perhaps this could be helpful to see how MV web exported games looks like through variety of device screen resolutions. I'm not involved with BlueTree. I wanted to share a resourceful website about trying different screen resolutions. Edit: There was Resizer- an...
  2. Indsh

    Loader for browser

    None of the resource loaders work for browser,would be grateful for any direction on what the coding would be needed
  3. Indsh

    Browser Variations 2

    Now I have my game up and running on browser and started getting some beta testing. Now this hasn't been reporting but I have now seen more than once that objects set to "above" are appearing "below" One time the image was set through event One time the image was set through tileset Has...
  4. Indsh

    Browser Variations

    So i'm deploying my game for browser play and its currently playable but im seeing changes. atm i'm pretty sure one plugin and common events are not running, but this is what I have noticed before getting on the second map. I just want to know generally what changes when you export for...
  5. HTML5 deployment does not work (WIN/MAC works fine)

    Hi All, So after finally finishing our game, we of course ran into an issue with the deployment. The game runs fine when playtesting from RPG Maker, as well as the deployed versions for WIN/MAC. When deploying in HTML5 for browser however, it instantly gets: TypeError Cannot read property...
  6. RPG_itch_Studio

    "Uncaught error. Argument error" with DragonBones plugin.

    I have deployed my game for web browsers to be played online. I tested it with "localhost" (using Mini WebServer software) and it worked fine. I deployed the game for Windows and it worked fine. However, when I uploaded it to the server an "Uncaught error. Argument error" popped up.
  7. AceOfAces_Mod

    Playtest an MV game with BrowserSync

    Sometimes, you need to play-test an MV game in a browser. However, trying to run the game through the index.html file will result in crashes. Using BrowserSync (a Node.js module), we can set up a local server in seconds and test it, without having to set up server software (unless you need to...
  8. MinisterJay

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Wispers

    LINK: https://ministerjay.itch.io/wispers This game was made with an artistic concept known as 'Tru 2D'. 'Tru 2D' images have no shading, shadowing, nor any representations of the 3rd dimension, depth. The game may be played with arrows or mouse, but arrows will often give better control...
  9. Parallax Panda

    EULA, Encryption and Browser deployment

    Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be...
  10. Ellie Jane

    Zoom Tools

    I am attempting to create a powerful system for the client to control the zoom level of their game when played in a browser. This includes the game client resizing to the size of the browser, amongst other things. Scale Map to Game Size This is a plugin in development, while I work out if this...
  11. Ellie Jane

    Fit to Browser Window

    Fit to Browser Window v1.00 Description Designed for browser deployed games, this automatically fits the game screen to the width and height of the client's browser window. Instructions Plug and play, though it is up to you to create appropriately sized maps and graphics, and to understand...
  12. AshteriskGaming

    Accidentally made RPGMaker MV playtest in browser?

    Now, I haven't a clue where this kind of subject would go, so I guess I'll just put this in general. I was editing my game and somehow, someway my game started to playtest within the nodekit thing as if it were running in browser view. I could not figure out for the life of me how to fix it...
  13. Indsh

    Change Actor Image Bug

    When you use "Change Actor Image" in a game deployed for browser in the browser it cause game to load indefinitely. I am changing them to "Set Movement Route...change image" and its working. If someone could post the script for changing facesets I'm hoping that will be the work around for...
  14. JRibbons

    Uploading Game to Kongregate

    Hi lovely people I've asked this question on Kongregate, but have so far had no response.  I've deployed my RMMV game for Web, then attempted to upload it to Kongregate. I uploaded the index.html file, then zipped the remaining 'www' folder and uploaded that zip file as separate files...
  15. Deklaration

    Music won't play is browser?

    Hi. Ported a game to html5 and put it up on Newgrounds. My issue is that the music won't play. Just dead silence, and it works fine when playing using the RPGMMV software.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Have both m4a and ogg-versions of the music in the bgm folder...
  16. Yanfly Battle Core and ActSeq not working on Newgrounds.

    I deployed my project as "Web Browsers" Compressed the www folder to a Zip and uploaded it to Newgrounds. For some reason, Yanfly's Battle Core and ActSeq plugins are not working. Yanfly's core plugin works as the game has a wide resolution, Yanfly's Message Plugin work as the text boxes are...
  17. Ellie Jane

    Protect your Folders with an Index

    By default when you launch your game in a web browser, your game is very hackable just by manipulating the url. Take this (live) example: http://afar.ws/client/img/pictures/ This is a standard feature of a lot of web servers. Basically as the folder has no index file, this page serves as a...
  18. PresaDePrata

    Common causes for fps drop on browser

    Hi folks, i'm testing some MV features and plugins (mostly Yanfly's) on a browser deployed game. It's actually a test but already have the core of what i pretend to do. I understand that some plugins might be interfering with other. Maybe some closure not done correctly, some namespace being...
  19. takashi1kun

    WebBrowser InGame

    Hello, first sorry for my bad english, this more than a plugin is a implementation of this: https://github.com/Irrelon/html-to-canvas to rpg maker, sience it have a free licence to modify distribute etc... im going to adapt it to rpg maker mv Why im going to put html in my game? for example you...
  20. Davõr Jörmling

    How to put game on my webiste?

    I have a website page here that I would like to put the demo of my game on. The website is made using Wordpress, and hosted with InMotion Hosting, if these details mean someone can provide me with a more detailed explanation it would be awesome! :) How does one go about doing this? I have...

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