1. DeyJay5

    Help with Khas Message System!

    I am using Khas Message System script for RPG Maker VX Ace (link below) and I cannot figure out how to put the speech bubble over a particular event. The script itself says: \e[x] Place the balloon over the event X. Example: \e[12] I have done exactly that and it is...
  2. Cuprite

    Cuprite's Resources

    ~Cuprite's Resources~ NOTE: If you use any of these, credit is appreciated, but not required. If you choose to do so, credit "Cuprite". Most of if not all of these resources are edits of MV resources, so you'll need to own RMMV to use them. Feel free to recolor these to suit your needs. You can...
  3. Austintatious

    How can I change the height of emote bubbles?

    Hi guys- I'm using the big 64x96 pixel charsheets (the kind you need to put a !$ in the filename) and I want to use emote bubbles. As you can see from my pic the emote bubble is too high for most of my characters. I know I could just use regular charsheets, but is there another way to change...
  4. Looping Speech Bubble?

    Hi, I hope that this is the right area to post this in. I'm trying to make a sidequest, and I really want to have a looping bubble with an exclamation mark animating above their heads. I'm using the "show balloon icon" script in the game. But it only shows up once then goes away as soon as I...

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