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  1. Thornton

    RMMV [YEP Buff & States Core] Passive state that adds state to ally with highest parameter

    Hello everyone, I have a passive state that's supposed to check the battle party's ATK when the condition is fulfilled, then automatically apply to the battle ally with the highest ATK. I see there's the whole 'i' loop stuff, but that's not really in my expertise - combined with getting the...
  2. Kemezryp

    RMMV VE_DamagePopup + YEP_BuffsStatesCore; showing only one regen popup despite having 2 regen states

    Here I am again, I've been fighting this for some time already but it's too confusing for me. So, Buffs States Core by Yanfly allows you to create states with custom effects. I'm using this to make a balanced poison and bleeding debuffs. They both cause the target to lose hp but their formulas...
  3. TheBoundDemon

    Yanfly Buff & State Manager Error [VX Ace]

    Hello. I recently encountered a problem with Yanfly's B&S Manager. I tried to add a <reapply ignore> notetag to a state but when such state is applied to an enemy, the game returns an error: I am 100% sure it's the notetag's fault, because after I remove it, the error no longer appears. Does...
  4. hikaru909

    Change equipped clothing with YEP Buff & States Core

    Is it possible to change equipped clothing using the Buff & States Core? My idea is that I am having a character transform and, on top of that, it changes their clothing (and it changes back when it wears off). Is such a thing possible with the B & S Core, or is does it require custom scripting...
  5. zerobeat032

    Requesting Motions For States...

    I was wondering if anyone was aware of exactly how to request a motion from a sideview battler using a state. I was wanting to use something other than Abnormal. I saw code for plugin using guard as the motion during a state. I tried something along those lines of wording and it didn't work. I...
  6. Zerothedarklord

    Yanfly state/buff plugin assistance

    I found a piece of code I modified in order to use for Weapon Enchantment effects. (Yanfly's state/buff plugin can be found here: http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/25/yep-50-buffs-states-core/) The following is for my Fire weapon enchantment: This enchantment deals 75% of the initial hit's damage. It...
  7. Stack of critical chance

    Hi Everyone ! I'm using Yanfly Plugins (Battle Core, Buff and Sate etc...) I'm trying to do a state that win stacks and each stack will up the user's critical chance, up his attack but lower his hit rate. My state is "Alcohol" i put Yanfly confusion's code from Pokemon for the user to have a...
  8. Conditional State if User Evade

    Hello, I'm using plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and Sate, Skill Core etc....) I want to know how i can do a passive state where it react if the user do an evasion. For exemple, if my character evade from a skill, i want him to win a buff or a state. Is there a formule for my passive...
  9. Stat Growth On Kill State

    Hello, I haven't made too many posts here and wouldn't be surprised if I missed an existing thread for this, but I was wondering about how to go about making a skill that does the following: -Upon using this skill, the actor gains a state called "Furnace" until the end of combat. While Furnace...
  10. Kishinn

    Having problem with Yanfly Engine's Buff & States Plugin

    Hi,guys.I'm having a problem in setting the turn's number of a Buff/Debuff. I wanted to apply 4 turns of Buff/Debuff on the player and enable it to stack until 10 turns,the problem I facing are: 1.Buff/Debuff isn't applied when I only put command in the "Note" section. 2.Buff/Debuff can't stack...
  11. Shadow1121

    YEP.50 & YEP.131 - DoT + Leech help (Solved)

    I'm working with Yanfly's Buff States Core and Extended DOT plugins. http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/25/yep-50-buffs-states-core/ http://yanfly.moe/2017/04/07/yep-131-extended-damage-over-time-rpg-maker-mv/ I'm trying to accomplish a Leech Seed affect, tried a few methods actually. Unfortunately...
  12. Winek

    Some help with Yanfly's Buff and State Core

    Hey, I think it's the proper place to post (not sure since I'm new here) but I'd need help for a lunatic mode of the said plugin. Basically, I want to make a skill that give a poison to an enemy. If the enemy bear the poison as they die, a random foe will be chosen and given the state as well...
  13. Onibaku

    Buffs/Debuffs icon change

    Hello everyone (sorry in advance for my poor English level) I did a search on the forum (and on google too), several people asked the question but never got an answer, so I'll try to explain it more. I just installed the Yanfly's plugin (Buffs & States Core), but I have a little problem. At...
  14. Punamaagi

    Forcing an action on actor's turn (using Yanfly's Buff & States Core)

    I'm trying to make "channeled" spells into my game, which would mean that the actor which starts to channel a spell and then automatically casts a spell on their turn for a few rounds. I'm currently trying to make the effect with a state using Yanfly's Buff & States Core, but I have no idea how...

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