1. Mast-yami

    Buff the entire party after using a skill

    Hello, first, I hope this thread is in the appropriate section, if not, i'm really sorry. :l There's my problem: I checked on many topics to find a way to buff the entire party after using an AoE skill. Also, I checked in this...
  2. SolemnDream

    Custom Buff/Debuff system, Pokémon-style

    Hiya! I am trying to set up a buff/debuff system that emulates Pokémon Gen VI. I don't think I'll need a script for this if I use a combination of states and variables, but we'll see. In the following large spoiler tag, I explain what I'm trying to do, the overall goal. However, it can be a...
  3. Leetstuff

    Using Yanfly's State Core to make a State that doesn't always occurs.

    EDIT: This is what I've managed so far. Let's use Pokemon Paralysis as an example. If you are paralyzed, there's a 25% chance of not moving. State 15 is simply a "Cannot Move" State that is auto-removed at turn end.  The problem I'm currently having is that, when the state is added, there's no...
  4. Mirai Ko

    Changing Buff/Debuff functionality

     A plugin to change buffs/debuffs to increase parameters by a static number instead of by %.  Doing some research into it, I had been waiting for the release of Yanfly's Buff and State Core for MV, as his similar Ace Script had the ability to change how buffs/debuffs worked. However it seems...
  5. Servidion

    Stacking buff help.

    First off I have all of Yanfly's plugins. So I would like to know how to create a stacking state that has stacks consumed when certain abilities are used. I'll give an example.   Gunslinger: Starts with 12 stacks of the "Ammo" state. Abilities use between 1 and 6 ammo each. If only 3 ammo is...
  6. molemanorama

    MoLE's Icons

    Hello All,   This is my first post in this community. I have an icon set that I was working on and I honestly just don't care for how it appears in game. So rather than trash it, I will share it with you all. I may update this set with the same style icons, but it just won't do for my project.  ...
  7. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Parameter Buff Combat Display

    Hello all, I'm looking for some help.  I made a skill called Fortify which has the following effects: Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns (don't want it to go away) Add buff Max HP for 1000 turns Add state Shield (a DEF buff) Add state Protection (a MDEF buff) Recover HP 132 (that is how much...
  8. Silent Darkness

    EX/SP Parameter Buffs/Debuffs

    I'd like a plugin that lets me have states or skills buff or debuff EX Parameters and SP Parameters. You know, EVA rate, Crit Evasion Rate, XP Multiplier....so on so forth.
  9. KyoAkashi

    Adding buff on hit

    Hello Folks! I can't figure out how to add a self buff on hit, i find it annoying when an attack only buffs so i wanted to make attack buffs like Poison Attack: Attacks and has a chance to poison the enemy and adds poison to your weapon But i thought it would be easyier as it is because i...
  10. OdinofDuckies

    Buff turn lengths via skills.

    Hello. My question is about making skills that add states and buffs, for example the premade "076:Fire Weapon". How do you know how long a state/buff will last? When editing "add state" or anything I do not see a time turner of sorts.
  11. S.Court

    Serene grace state with buff/debuff parameters

    Hello, I need help with something, I'm making a stat works like Serene grace from Pokemon games, those who are not familiarized with this state, well... It increases the probability to add a state of an attack, for example: There is an attack can make some damage and has a 20% to add the...
  12. Yanfly ATB System + Buff & State Manager

    As stated in the topic, I'm using these two scripts (along with MANY other Yanfly scripts). With the State Manager, little numbers appear beside the state in battle and are supposed to count down as the turns go by. Problems is, the way things are set up (pretty default, I haven't changed much...
  13. AcosmicDevi

    Help With Skill that Doesn't Kill

    Hello fellow game developers :) I'm having a problem with a skill I've created. The skill is an attack that casts a buff that causes the enemies' HP to decrease by 10 percent each round. The enemy can't move for three turns. The skill works as it's supposed to when I play test it in my game...
  14. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Help with buff boost formula

    Hello, I'm using Yanfly buff & state manager script (you can find him there: https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Gameplay/Buff_%26_State_Manager.rb) and in the line number 269 there is a formula to manage the buff/debuff parameter # This is the formula used to apply the rate used for...
  15. Cricketfoot

    Key Item Buffs

    I feel like this is a simple one, but I can't quite seem to dig up an answer. I want a key item...let's just say for example a 4-leaf clover...that does something like permanently ups the characters luck or enables the double item drop party ability. How hard would this be to do? 
  16. abluescarab

    Buff/debuff IDs for scripts

    Hello, everyone. I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace (bought in in the Humble Weekly Bundle). I've just started writing my own script to generate and apply a random status effect. In the GameBattler class, there's a function to add buffs and debuffs (add_buff, add_debuff) that asks for a param_id...
  17. S.Court

    Reverse buff/debuff

    Hello everybody, I have a doubt might someone can solve I want to make an ability like Topsy-turvy in Pokemon, if you don't know what is I'll explain it: it'll totally reverse the buff and debuff the target has (if it has 2 buff in attack, it'll change them into 2 debuff) well, I asked that in...
  18. Kes

    Rogue symbol on Buff notification

    On the pop-up notifying the player that a default MDF buff has been carried out by an enemy, there is a stray symbol at the end, as shown in the screenshot below. This, as far as I can tell, is the only place where it happens.  I am at the moment using VLGothic which has been included in a...
  19. LazESigma

    Monster Casting a Skill to Remove all Buffs

    Hello, I have a skill called "Purge" that will Remove any Buff parameter on a hero. (ATK, MAT, MDF, LUK, ect...) What I'm trying to figure out is the enemy casting this can currently cast it whenever. I want to conditionally have the enemy only cast Purge when a hero actually has a Buff that...

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