buffs and debuffs

  1. Kavaline

    [XP] Causing status on attackers and defensors

    Hi, I'm new with RMXP, and want add a debuff when someone attack a target in guard stance. I know where I add the code, but can't find how inflict this status, what function I can use. I need put in Game_battler_3, in section "Applying Normal Attack Effects" (I made changes in script that affect...
  2. Removing Buffs

    This is probably a really simple thing, but how do I do the following -Character A has buffs to a stat -Character A attacks an Enemy (here's the bit I can't seem to figure out) -Character A loses the buffs to their stat.
  3. Buff icons or state stacking help

    Hey all, I've been trying to replicate pokemon buffs for a bit and I've come to the conclusion that stacking buffs would be the best option, I've been utilizing Yanfly's buffs and states manager plug-in and all is well so far. Stacking the buffs seems to work good enough and its not super...

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