1. Can someone help me figure out how to make temporary buffs?

    I am making a game right now, and I figured out that inns also revive party members instead of just healing (where did inns get magic beds) so I need to repurpose my church. My idea is to give a stat buff to the party to make towns with churches main grinding areas, but how do I make temporary...
  2. TheDrifter

    How do you change the order/priority in which Buffs/Debuffs are displayed?

    The States tab of the editor has a box where you can enter the priority for displaying state icons. (If Poison has a priority of 30, Blind has a priority of 40, and Silence has a priority of 22, the state icons of an actor or enemy affected by all three states will be displayed as "Blind...
  3. MerlinCross

    Pre Battle Buffs

    This idea came about due to me not realizing something and taking steps to fix it. I went to test the game and saw some skills or healing effects still buffed me on the menu screen, along with other skills being castable but not doing anything. So I went and started to fix that... Till I got...
  4. A Form Change system?

    Hello! Let me set the scene- You have a Player Char. His maind gimmick is that he has a spell that lets him grow into a stronger form- up to four in total. With each form, some stats increase while others decrease, and certain skills and spells are only available at certain forms. You would...
  5. Moksock

    Temporary Buffs not stopping

    Hello, in my game project im trying to make it so the player goes to a "Diner" and gets a buff to their stats for 10 minutes (have only been doing 1 minute at a time to test) but every time the player leaves or enters an area the buffs keep restarting and adding the bonus stats again, im hoping...
  6. stats and stacking them

    hy i need your help i'm creating my game but i having a probleme with stats and making them 1. how i make stat that add +100 hp or +20 atk ...ect 2.how can i make them stack for example using +100 hp twice on the same character will give him +200 hp
  7. JRand

    Making a skill that applies to the enemy give the player MP or TP back.

    I'm using Yanfly's Skill Core plugin to do % and flat number costs on skills. However, I have some skills that need to apply to or target the enemy that cost MP or TP that I also want to restore MP or TP to the player. The plugin doesn't appear to be able to do this, so I assume a formula is...
  8. Lonewulf123

    Stacking States and Increased Damage

    Hello, I'm trying to create a stacking state which increases the overall damage output of the users attacks. Basically, when the state is applied, damage increase by .25. When the skill is cast again, the state counter goes from 1 to 2, and then damage is increased again from 1.25 to 1.50...
  9. VexGaming

    Counting Buffs?

    Are there any plugins or functions that lets me counts the number of buffs or debuffs that an actor has been affected with? I wanted to use it in my skill damage formulas.
  10. Hagal_

    Timed Buffs and Debuffs

    I have one mayor thought that I cannot find the answer to. If I want the player to get Buffs bound by time rather than turns, how would that be done? Lets say the buff is held for 10 minutes, now matter how many or few battles engaged. Could this be done without a plugin or is there a plugin...
  11. Setting up condition for two positive effects of different scales

    Title may not be the best way to describe it, but here goes... I decided to give Noah a self-made skill which I dubbed "Pillars of Light". What this skill is meant to do is heal the user (pretty easy, use HP recover damage type) BUT I also want it to buff the entire active party with a large...
  12. Elemental weakness or buffs to monsters.

    How do i add weaknesses/buffs to monsters? and how does element rate work? if a monster is 60& dark element and 80% fire, does that mean it will take 20% of the fire attacks damage, etc? i noticed i couldnt add a debuff element rate, so curious how that works out... i want to give a specific...
  13. Motorjam

    Test for buffs with Action Sequence?

    My friend gave me this cool idea for an ability where if you have a buff for any stat you get a buff for every stat, and I've gotten everything down except for checking if the target has a buff. Any way to do this in Action Sequence? EDIT: I messed around with it for another few minutes and got...
  14. Removing Buffs

    This is probably a really simple thing, but how do I do the following -Character A has buffs to a stat -Character A attacks an Enemy (here's the bit I can't seem to figure out) -Character A loses the buffs to their stat.
  15. Newquaza 96

    Show Enemy Stats, States & Buffs/Debuffs

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin that allows the player to visualize the enemy's stats, the states applied to it, and its buffs/debuffs during battle? I've been searching for a while now, but i haven't seen any results for MV specifically. To be specific, i'm looking for an option in the...
  16. Torrysan

    NeMV State Resources and Base Parameters Control help

    Hey! I'm using NeMV SR to create alternate resources for my classes. Some effects I've already been able to implement, but there's one that eludes me, because it requires a combo with YEP Base Parameters. So here's what I want to do: For the Sellsword class, there is a tertiary resource called...
  17. Drunken Paladin

    [YEP Buff States Core] Icons

    Hi folks, I'm using Yanfly's BuffStatesCore plugin, which, as most of you probably know, allows for the stacking of more than 2 buffs at a time. I was hoping there was a way to change the icons after the 2nd buff to something different than the default 2-stacks icon, but I can't seem to figure...
  18. SonoKiabutsu

    Custom Damage-over-time Effect

    So I'm trying to create a custom damage over time effect where the damage and turns it takes is based on the users MP at the time the skill is used (the MP shouldn't be a cost, but it clears once the effect hits the enemy. It's 5 as that's the characters max MP at all times). I am using...
  19. Manofdusk

    Restaurants, cooking, and food buffs

     Is there a way to create shops and perhaps crafting stations that give you a buff (rather than an item) when purchased or created?  or perhaps items that are used immediately upon being obtained? Basically, I want players to eat cooked meals as soon as they're cooked (because, really.... who...
  20. Alphamega

    Formula that checks the total enemies in battle

    I'm trying to make a taunt skill, that gives the user a stacking defence buff for each enemy effected by the taunt (which is all enemies). I am using Yanflys Taunt plugin, and Buffs/States Core plugin for the stackable buffs. I have the taunt working perfectly. I even have another skill where...

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