1. Erased object still taking up map space.

    Salutations! I'll get right to it: I've noticed that, if I change the layout of a previously saved map and erase objects, (even if said object is erased and replaced by floor tiles on which, in the database, there is an O not a star or an X) I still cannot walk over said floor tile as it's...
  2. Xbox controller stops working after playtest

    Hello! First time posting here and quite new to the community. I hope someone can help me out. I have RPG maker MZ on steam and I can use it fine until I playtest my game. You see, after I close they playtesting window and I try to playtest again, my xbox One controller I use stops being...
  3. MZ 1.2.1 Bloom/Flare effect on all windows, despite window.png not being changed.

    Found something strange when I updated from 1.1 to 1.2.1. Got strange lens/flower pattern on my window background. (Left 1.1.1, Right 1.2.1 Doesn't show unless 100% in size.) Thinking something must have been changed in Window.png, I went and copied it from another old project. Now, 3 hours...
  4. Cabal_Drop_Pod

    RMMZ Random Tiles Impassable

    Hi everyone, I've been having some issues with random floor tiles being impassable. The tiles are homogenous(used flood fill/rectangle), there's nothing on any other layers, and some of the tiles are working. But some of them behave as though they're impassable. Deleting/replacing the tile, or...
  5. neptuniano2019

    BUG? (Change TP)

    I'm trying to add TP in the events in "Change TP" but absolutely nothing happens, nor does the menu show (and its display is activated) and in battles it doesn't show the value I added. Anyone with this problem? I've tested it with a clean project and nothing!

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