bug report

  1. Rigor Mortex

    Yanfly's Hit Accuracy (YEP)

    http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Hit_Accuracy_(YEP) The plugin works as intended (as far as I can tell, anyway), other than the issue this thread is about. If a skill has a chance to inflict a State, and that skill's Hit Type is set to "Certain Hit," it will ignore any State Rate the target has (even...
  2. EuphemiaArtoria

    SOLVED / Yanfly Skill Cooldown Issue

    EDIT: Think I figured this out and it was down to my own individual hamhandedness. I had renamed the Skill Cooldown script file. When I deleted it and replaced it with the original, it worked again as expected. I'd delete this topic but I think I can. Sorry to bother you all! Thank you very much...
  3. SushiAssado

    I'm having a bug with the script WeaponOverActor

    @LadyBaskerville when I activate this script and I do not have any equipped weapons and enter into battle, this error appears "can not read property 'meta' of null" ,but when I'm equipped with a weapon nothing happens, sSorry for the inconvenience, I do not want to be boring. ;c
  4. Bakery

    title screen | help

    hihi, i'm new to rpg maker 2003 & i'm trying to make a custom wallpaper. i've already done the steps to making my image to .png + 8bit, as well as resized it to proper requirement. i changed my wallpaper to my custom one but now i'm stuck on this & everytime i try to play-test; it shows up a...
  5. KillerK70

    Big bug with event tileset image

    Ever since the recent 1.6.0 update I've been encountering bugs with my RPG Maker. I never ran into bugs before so I'm a bit upset that it's happening now. The first bug I noticed was in my newest project when I was reorganizing the maps I had made and it made a 'folder' under one map without me...
  6. Tomcat

    [Solved] (Partially) Games don't run in Mac Osx High Sierra.

    Hi everybody, Need some help when trying to build a game or running one of the demos. The VN Maker runs without problems, live preview and pressing Play shows the game I'm working on without problems. After building the app through Game > Build For > Mac Os X (NW.js), and trying to run the...
  7. Transparent Background Bug

    I am having a bug where when battling, the background becomes transparent. I am using these plugins: all yanflys CoreEngine Region restriction Doodads BattleEngine AnimatedSVEnemies MoveRoute ExtMovepack1
  8. RiguyX

    Text Bug (Only in Editor)

    I am not using any plugins. I have checked, and there does not seem to be another bug report of this nature. In the editor, the default text has been replaced with a small, non-monospaced font. This does not carry into playtests, but it is damaging to productivity as every text box needs to go...
  9. ramza

    Battle escape bug

    I just found an easily reproducible bug in the core battle engine of RMMV. In the database it's possible to make a skill with the special trait 'escape'. If you make this skill affect one or all allies, and then use it in battle, some interesting things happen: If it affects all allies...
  10. Silenity

    [Bug] Generator Color Issues

    So here are a few generator pieces that seem to be graphically bugged: Male Clothing01 Left/Right facing sprite cape isn't coloring correctly. (Supposed to be red but is blue) Male Clothing04 Some shoulder parts aren't coloring correctly. (Supposed to be white with black outline...
  11. SwoX

    Mac version stops responding when setting move routes

    It seems to happen most frequently when creating or editing a move route. The app just freezes up and there's no recourse but force quitting it. This happens semi-frequently, maybe once every few hours. I can't reproduce the bug reliably, so I can't pin down exactly what's causing it. Another...
  12. Wren

    Rename Character Bug

    I cleared out the names of some characters in the database and was using the rename character in the events commands, but somehow when playing the game it remembers the name for some of the actors before I blanked them out. For instance, I had a character named Moderator 2 as a place holder...

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