1. Roult

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    Hello everyone, I use the plugin of SRD "Sell Only Shop", the problem is that there is an incompatibility with the plugin of Yanfly "shop core". He considers the sale of my items as purchases in the display. "Vendre" = "Sell" Can someone help me? Thank you
  2. gundriveth

    Item Core Independent item Bug?

    Hello! Is anyone have a fix for this? Or is it intended? Thanks!
  3. Al-Farizi

    Need Help!

    Hi there I have some problem with autorun event. Btw i hope i'm not post in wrong forum Ok i make a game for mobile, today i'm test it using Redmi 5A (my phone) and the game run well. But when i test it using my friend phone (Realme 5 Pro), the bug its happen:( , the bug is can't run autorun...
  4. YEP_Animated SideView Enemies Floating command not working

    So, used the <Floating> command in a bat, and when i open the battle test it said that the game encountered a bug, i have the plugins all in order and i have the 3 action sequences packs, along with batlle engine core activated, can anyone help me with this?? Error: Plugin List:
  5. Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin Bug

    So when i use Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin, at first sigth everything works perfectly, but when i go to an sidedeview battle, the battlers sprites just disappear, how can i fix this??
  6. Yanfly Item Categories: Game crash

    Hello everyone. I have a problem regarding the Yanfly Item Categories. As soon as I would look at the custom item catagory in the item scene, it crashes (see picture enclosed). I looked at the introductory video and recreated the item categories from there step by step, but to no avail. Both...
  7. Parallax Panda

    Can't move on A2 tiles with specific tileset (set as passable)

    So I have come across a very weird problem. On two of my maps that use the same tileset I can't move on the A2 tiles, even though they're all set to passable. See the spoiler below; I know what you're thinking. Is there an event that runs an "Auto-run process" on that map? No, there are no...
  8. Arcana_Jumper

    issue Resolved (Party member auto heals after battle)

    I noticed my party member, who is part of the Witch class, autoheals after battle--recovering MP and HP. I'm not sure why this is! Do I need to check the battle manager? Edit: Problem solved, I had initialized checked when I added this character to the party, which is why HP and MP reset...
  9. RoooodWorks

    custom settings menu

    So i used the custom menus in the visual novel scene-based built-in UI Template but for some reason the audio settings don't work even in the new project, i tried clicking and dragging but it doesn't work, works fine for the text based stuff, but not audio settings. Are they implemented or does...
  10. I need assistance in the setup for Dreamsavior's RMMV Toybox

    Whenever I try to launch the 'tune' feature of the application, it keeps giving me this error, and doesn't work no matter how many times I try to troubleshoot. I'm not that well-versed in computer issues, so I have no idea where (or what) 'init.php' is. I tried selecting my project's folder, but...
  11. IsNikNoelaname

    There is a tileset bug that I have no clue what went wrong

    I mark all the walls X but when I test play the game, the character still walks on the wall? What should I do?
  12. KnockzyBunz

    Help! This error keeps popping up when I try testing out battles!

    I don't know why it keeps occuring. I've tried restarting the software and turning off all my plugins. Nothing seems to work. It doesn't appear to be the type of enemy since I'm just using the default MV ones. Idk what to do anymore,
  13. Al-Farizi

    Android YEP_Quest Journal Bug

    Hi there newbie here Today i finally export my RPG game to android, but when i test it on mobile, i got some problem here, can you help me? Right in quest Journal menu I used YEP_Quest Journal Can someone help me please?? When i test it on PC there was nothing problem But its different...
  14. Lord Vectra

    RPG Maker XP - Keeps going left

    So I encounter a bug, and I don't know how to deal with it. When I start the game, the character immediately starts moving right. I can move up and down but can't move left. I tested Vx Ace and my keys work perfectly there. ALL of my XP projects are experiencing the same bug, Even when I...
  15. kyonides

    Urge to Upgrade Firefox

    If you're using Mozilla Firefox 71 or older, you better pay attention to this serious warning! You can read the MacRumors article here: https://www.macrumors.com/2020/01/10/mozilla-firefox-update-vulnerability/ And then you can also double check it here as well...
  16. AeghtyAteKees

    Yanfly Bug: Event Click Trigger

    In Yanfly's Event Click Trigger Script (http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Event_Click_Trigger_(YEP)), everything is flawless UNTIL you attempt to click on an event that has an unmet condition. With an unmet condition, the event isn't on the screen and cannot otherwise be interacted with, but if you...
  17. JJGreyKK

    How to prevent "Conditional Branch; If Button Pressed" from just being held down?

    I'm creating a battle system for my game and there's about a 15 frame window for you to land a powerful attack by pressing the down key (Probably going to change, but that's what it is for now) It's all working perfectly fine EXCEPT for this small little tidbit, which kind of ruins the whole...
  18. radarhead

    Minor Animation Bug

    I've just started a project in MV and encountered a minor but annoying bug with an animated switch. When the player flips the switch the first time (animation plays forwards) it looks fine. But when it's toggled back (animation plays backwards) the sprite "flickers" and reverts to the first...
  19. Horg1f

    Movie Player bug

    Hello everyone! I am developing a test project with RMV where before the start menu is played an introduction video, however, after it is over and the character is moved and audio of the video starts playing alone. Can someone help me? (I'm sorry for some problems with English, I'm translating...
  20. Tutorial problems

    User: JH77 Bug: When you start a tutorial via Help->Tutorial, the Tutorial text is not completely visible. Attached screenshot is from tutorial 1, with an added comment (red box). Attached video (in .zip file) is from tutorial 2, you also sometimes can see , that the text stays in the middle of...

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