1. RMMV Menu equip bug

    Please help! i dont know what to do. The problem is after a battle is over then i go menu and equip this bug shows up! its fine when i dont do battle.. i tried removing the YEP Equip core and its still there. the bug :( pls help! no problems if i dont do the battle
  2. problem with Ace Battle Engine

    for some reason, while using Yanfly's ace battle engine, it says that all attacks deal no damage; even though that attack actually did deal damage. it also shows the null symbol. if you attack them long enough, the enemy will still die, even though it says the attacks dealt no damage. anyone...
  3. DarkGTX88

    RMMV Yanfly YEP_ItemCore Bug

    Hello, everyone! I seem to be encountering a bug in Yanfly's "Item Core" plugin (YEP_ItemCore.js). The issue has been replicated in a clean (new) project with no other plugins enabled. I am using Item Core v. 1.30 — This appears to be the latest version after checking Yanfly's website. The...
  4. Trihan

    Evidence-gathering thread to pinpoint a reproducible environment for VisuStella CTB softlock bug

    Hi folks! For a while now, users of VisuStella's CTB battle system plugin have been experiencing a bug that soft locks the game, but it's so rare that nobody has yet been able to reproduce it consistently enough to provide a bug report project that they've been able to consistently replicate...
  5. GamesOfShadows

    [Solved] Picture on Map doesn't work like it should

    EDIT: I mixed it up a little... I don't found a bug, it's just does not work for pictures. I just need a plugin to fix the picture to the map. So you can do "show picture", X = Variable A, Y = Variable B. The name of the picture is "!test". With ! it should be stuck to the map... so If I do...
  6. Danitinkis

    RMMV YEP Target Core bug?

    Hi! I'm using YEP Target Core and I had found an issue. I have a skill with the <Target: Everybody> notetag. On Battle, it functions perfectly. However, when I try to use the skill on the menu, it only targets 1 actor. Why is this happening? Normal target scope is set to all allies btw.
  7. nekuzx

    Need help with a blank menu in combat when returning from skills.

    I am having a bit of trouble with a minor, but annoying bug that i've been unable to identify. Basically: Whenever I enter the "Skill" menu during combat, and then return; It leads me to a blank menu, from which I have to return again to show up the Fight/Escape menu, so I can then return to the...
  8. JS Graphic Problem Using Yanfly Plugins

    Hi there, I took a screenshot of the full error I am getting. I used a skill in MV that added a state with 5% param boosts, targeting the skill user in the party. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
  9. Bug in MZ v1.4.0?

    Hi! I just bought and downloaded MZ about a day or two ago. Today I noticed a bug. The set of available tilesets keeps replicating every time you go to edit a map. To replicate: Right click + Edit... on any map. Note the available tilesets in the dropdown. Close the dialog and re-edit the map...
  10. remainderstudios

    Hunger and Thirst script error (VX ACE)

    Hi how are things. I am using the hunger and thrist script from ForeverZer0 and LiTTleDRAgo and it happens that it does not allow to use the command "add members to group" With this script, if in an event I use that command to add other members to the party, I get this error in "hunger hud"...
  11. remainderstudios

    Strange bug with save files and new game

    I just spotted a very serious and rare bug in rpg maker vx ace. Bring attention. - I start a new game - I go to a map X (An empty house for example), I create an object from a template (Spawn events). - I put the object on the ground. - I save the game - Without exiting the game, I go to the...
  12. ddejan90

    posted wrong forum, don't know how to delete

  13. MRD256

    Character Generator Problems

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, so please correct me if not But I'm having an issue with RPG Maker MV's character generator. Whenever I try to adjust the skin tone of females... it doesn't change from the default skin tone. It only does this on the TV and TVD sprites, Face...
  14. FinnishEngineer

    RMMV Help i have collision bugs!

    It does that sometimes in random rooms, like behind a tree or behind or front of an npc. i don't know what does that. does anyone know how to fix it?
  15. Vis_Mage

    Bug - Editor Freeze in Options Menu

    Hello! While working in RPG Maker MV today, I ran into a strange, highly specific crash. Upon testing it several more times, the crash seems consistent. I know that this crash is super unlikely to be ran into, and that MV doesn't necessarily look likely to get any more updates at this point...
  16. Music it's gone!

    For some reason the music of my game has completely disappeared, without any particular change, I opened the game to try some things but lost all the sound that it had I have already re-installed the RPGmaker mv and it has not generated changes, the strange thing is that all the music has...
  17. Mercedes90

    RMMV The Ignored Problem with Yanfly's MessageCore.js Plugin...

    First off, I paid 10$ to get some new interesting plugins from Yanfly on itch.io and some of them didn't work at all, and I can't even contact him. I've especially wanted the newer version of the MessageCore, yet it had the same problem as the old free version. Anyhow, here's what it says in...
  18. Daphne04

    Help fixing a bug in Galv's character animation script VXACE [Solved]

    Update: I figured it out! In line 80, your have: @idletime += 1 if !$game_map.interpreter.running? Turn this into: @idletime += 1 It all seems to work fine now. No idea why, but it does. Fingers crossed that this will continue to work. :kaojoy: Hello everyone, I found a small bug in Galv's...
  19. RMMV CrossEngine problems

    I cannot understand how to setup it properly. Besides, in demo I saw the errors with images
  20. LAede_Aveugle

    RMMV Little (but weird) bug in SRD MenuBackground

    Hi, in my game, when I use SRD's "Menu background" plugin, something strange happens. The images appear ... but only the second time you enter the menu. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thank you!

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