1. Can't evaluate scripts anymore

    Hello, I have a massive project I have been working on for a long time. Since the last startup none of my script lines are working anymore. I can't call external scripts, nor it will execute any script lines even the simple ones. For example .. skillpoints are determined on the character level...
  2. RMMV CGMV Crafting Makes Game Not Work

    Okay, so after I had made a few recipes, I loaded up the game. It worked perfectly. But, after I created a ton of other recipes, it doesn't want to work now. What I would like to know is: how can I get the game working with the plugin turned ON?
  3. cthmpsn91

    RMMZ VisuStella Equip Core Weird Bug?

    Hey there. So, I have been digging through what coding I have available to me for the Item/Equip Core included with VisuStella's Sample Game project... and I cannot figure this out: So... yeah... why aren't my ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, and LUK stats being drawn on the Equip screen...? There...
  4. Accendor

    MV White Screen on Loadup

    Hi, I used MV for a whole while now. The last time was around 2-3 weeks ago, everything was working fine. Tried to open it up today and got stuck in the infamous white screen of death right after the splash logo. Windows 10 Steam-Version Nvidia Drivers are up to date (461.93), however I just...
  5. FxckBanshee

    [RPG Maker MZ] | Weird tile-set warping

    I am currently in the early stages of working on a game, and I've decided to go with a 16-bit style by using 16x16 tile-set. Since RMMZ only supports tiles that are 48x48, I've had to upscale the tiles by multiplying their size by 3, making each individual 'pixel' 3x3px large to create a 16x16...
  6. Master_Bronze_Elite

    [Solved] Help with a rare bug

    Does anyone know what's causing this bug just by looking at the error message and/or the lines of code specified? This is a rare bug that occurs only once every couple of hours or so (5-10 hours) so I can't replicate it easily. Therefore, removing plug-ins one by one and playing until I...
  7. Twempie

    RMMV [Yanfly] expParam of Undefined! (Solved)

    I'm sure some of you are sick and tired of seeing this issue crop up but don't worry everything is going to be fine, I already have the error message (the F8 one, not the tat one it prints on the screen) and I've got the plugin list provided already. So here's the sitch: I'm not very good at...
  8. caethyril

    Bug Restore move route - index skip

    Edit: this bug is fixed in v1.2.1 of the core scripts. Seen in RMMZ core scripts up to the current version (v1.2.0). Description Events can have an auto move route assigned. If given an "active" route, e.g. via the Set Movement Route command, the auto route will be restored when the active one...
  9. RMMZ Random Tiles Impassable

    Hi everyone, I've been having some issues with random floor tiles being impassable. The tiles are homogenous(used flood fill/rectangle), there's nothing on any other layers, and some of the tiles are working. But some of them behave as though they're impassable. Deleting/replacing the tile, or...
  10. Qem95

    Invisible Party Members?

    For some reason in game, all of my party members apart from whoever's at the front are invisible. They're still definitely there, their face graphics appear in the menu and they appear in battle (i'm using a sideview battle system which uses their overworld spirtes), they just don't appear on...
  11. Tuomo L

    Editor crashes ocassionally

    Editor ocassionally crashes while listening to BGM and clicking to another map in the hierarchy.
  12. Bug Forest B (Snow) is identical to Forest A

    The Outside tileset (specifically the Outside_A4 tab) lacks a unique appearance for the "wall" part of the Forest B (Snow) tile. Both Forest A and Forest B (Snow) look identical, with green grass between the tree trunks. On the left, you can see the Forest A tiles used on the grass tiles, on...
  13. FiercestPixel

    Intialize Battle Test Bug? [SOLVED]

    I don't know if anyone else encountered this bug but when I go to initialize a troop battle test, instead I start a normal test play. It's strange because I know it was working properly earlier.
  14. Guardinthena

    RMMV Conflict Issue with Yanfly's Move Route Core and Yanfly's Save Event Location

    So, I just ran into the strangest thing. I have spent two days setting up daily routines for the 'NPC' events in my village using Yanfly's Move Route Core (link here), and just realized that when when I leave the map and re-enter the villagers reset. Well, that wouldn't do. So I nabbed...
  15. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I was using chrono engine abs and everything was working great. Without changing a single thing between playtests all of a sudden no attacks or skills function anymore. Is this an issue anyone else has had? If so how did you fix it? If not how would you suggest I diagnose this?
  16. Bug Special Effect Escape Bug

    I've been trying to create an item (smoke grenade) that when used causes the party to escape 100% of the time. However, when I attempt to use the RTP database commands and parameters, it results in an instant game over. After putting breakpoints into the js.manager code, I saw that it goes...
  17. RMMV Got a bug with CoreEngine plugin, not sure what to do

    Hello! I didn't like my game getting all blurry in fullscreen mode so I installed the CoreEngine plugin and checked Real Scale as True to get rid of the weird blurring of textures. But as soon as I tried to playtest, the game crushed on the second screen with this message. This is my first time...
  18. PaulaCucumberuwu

    Problems with Orange overlay.

    I'm trying to make a parallax map in rpg maker mv with orange overlay, but when I turn off "Quickstart", the "Par" layer Disappears and the only thing there is is the "Ground" layer :/ Could someone help me?
  19. [BUG] There is a wrong frame in sv_battler side_view when blocking

    Like the title say i found a wrong frame by the sv_battler side view. When a char is set to block the next attack the animation goes to the correct frames But as soon as the opponent starts his action there is a milisecond of a wrong frame I had to make a extra charset with colors and...
  20. Problem with new version of Google Chrome in Linux Systems

    Hi guys, how are you? The new version of Google Chrome brought problems to my project. I noticed that it only happens in Google Chrome v85 for Linux operating systems. For Windows operating systems, Google Chrome in version v85 works normally. I downgraded to version 84 on Linux and returned...

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