1. A cutscene bug. If you touched the event, The event does nothing?

    I am new to this forum. So i am making a OneShot fangame where it takes place before OneShot. But i am having a issue that when i touch a event, It doesnt do anything.
  2. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Events shake when you walk diagonally, it's more noticeable in doors

    I have no idea why it happens, if someone knows how to fix it please tell me. https://media.giphy.com/media/TSME2jELn2Ts6vx67g/giphy.mp4 These are the plugins I use
  3. Did the newest patch break the generator?

    I'm using 1.7.0 and the character generator is not working right. I can randomize characters and I can load in ones I made from other projects before, but half the options are unable to be directly accessed. They're not visible, and I can't go to them. I also checked the generator files and...
  4. RMMZ Ultra Mode 7 and VisuStella Core Engine Bug

    Hello, i wanted to test the Visustella Furniture plugin with both MZ3D and using Ultra Mode 7, MZ3D just flatout crashes at start. But Ultra Mode 7 does manage to work, but ir looks weird, so i decided to test further, long story short i left only The Visustella Core Engine plugin and the Ultra...
  5. Callan1990

    RMMV Need help with a bug or a compatibility issue?

    I am currently using Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS and MRP_Grid Inventory plugins. I keep getting this bug error whenever I open the item menu, it should open an equip window and inventory window. Please see screenshot below. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. I couldn't find a link to Moghunters...
  6. SushiAssado

    RMMV help, Pixel movement and Chrono engine

    I need help with something: I wanted my project to have pixel movement, but whenever I try to implement it, some bug happens. I'm using the Chrono engine but the only thing I want from it is the hookshot, it works perfectly but when I put some pixelmovement I can't use the hookshot. I already...
  7. Callan1990

    RMMV Mog Hunter Chrono Engine with Dead Selfswitch Issue?

    So I am using Moghunter Chrono Engine the ABS version. My issue happens when I set a Dead Selfswitch in the enemy note tag, for some reason this happens (see picture)? I started by making a teleportation scroll that takes me to MAP ID, POS X, POS Y etc.. Once I left the map and teleported back...
  8. danthelion

    Character Generator Bug: Extra sprite elements showing on preview and export file

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ Tool: Character Creator Summary: Some extra sprite parts on creating male character are appearing on preview and exported sprite file. Hello everyone! Today, I was using the Character Creator to create male characters and I noticed some details that I think it shouldn't be...
  9. Trihan

    Bug UI flicker issue in skill lists

    There is a display bug on skills with a type of "None" where they very briefly appear in the skill list before the category is set, even if their occasion is set to "Never". To replicate: 1. Create a skill with a type of "None". Occasion setting doesn't matter 2. Give an actor at least one...
  10. Patroso

    rpg maker mz does not work well with gitHub

    rpg maker mz does not work well with gitHub when two people upload and did not download stuff from the other person before uploading my own stuff does not save my system fix this because it does not encourage me to continue using this engine
  11. Patroso

    is it possible to do so that the player during the conversation (choice yes/no) so that he can't get out of it (esc button)

    is it possible to do so that the player during the conversation could not move in the best way as if it works globally and does not exclude: "set movement Route"
  12. Game Wont Show the turkish letters

    I am creating an turkish translation of the game The Coffin Of Andy And Leyley.I've encountered a problem where the letters"Ş,Ğ,Ü,İ,Ö" don't appear normally and instead they are appeared as such in these pictures. This only Happens after the games intro where the letter "ş" is shown...
  13. Technical404

    Character Freezing after event

    Hi, im having a problem where the dialogue that was supposed to be a "Here, have this quest" kind of dialogue that would be a normal dialogue after the quest was given is making the character freeze, im not able to move neither open the menu, and im pretty sure that the autorun is off, since i...
  14. Vegapunk

    RMMV enemies do not stand still during side battle

    so, I'm using that plugin YEP AnimatedSVenemies, but their animation keeps making them go from one side to the other in the fight and when they take damage, they go very high in the arena Does anyone know if I'm putting some wrong option in the settings?
  15. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly ATB Stutter support

    Reaching the ending of my game development and can't find a fix for ATB bars stuttering during battle. There will be random, brief pauses while a bar is filling up which hurts the overall game feel. I know MV isn't designed to for this but is there any way to fix or troubleshoot this issue?
  16. Udong

    Image Map Bug?

    When I use *Call Common Event* by hotspot in Image Map component , It will destroy it self if click it at second click (can click on image map only 2 times and then it destroy it self whole image map) But I solve it by use *Jump To* to a label, but it inconvenient because of more line of code...
  17. Project editor loads up to blank screen

    After editing one of my projects in the editor, the editor screen suddenly turned blank and does not display any details. The menu bar at the top of the page still functions however is invisible. I can even playtest the project. This problem does not occur with loading up other projects. Is...
  18. Left and up arrow keys stuck held down

    It's like this for every rpgmaker game. I am using a tablet, so there is literally nothing plugged in. The only thing I could imagine is somehow doing this is my microsoft pen stylus, which is not paired, and is incapable of being turned off. I have tried uninstalling random drivers in device...
  19. Nightmarefoxy30000

    RMMZ Undefined "Height" error for sideview actor battle *Solved*

    So this is gonna sound familiar, I get a undefined height error every time I try to activate a Sideview actor battle (Battle Core). I have searched and tried everything; the plugins are in the right order, I tried renaming the file I'm pulling from, I did both battle test AND game test it gave...
  20. Qwazori

    RMMV SE_Minimap + SRD_ActSpareSystem bug

    At first everything works fine, but after the battle, when you try to open the map in a certain (not all) location crashes. It feels like there's some really stupid bug involved, which makes you not want to part with one of these plugins at all. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can solve...

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