1. Aurom2014

    MV Damage POP UP issues

    Grettings, I'm having some issues with MV damage pop up, I was testing out my game so far, and found that "pop ups" in the first two sideview actors were kinda bug.. TOP Actor gets its "pop ups" behind him 2nd Actor (from top to bottom) gets its pop ups behind him and blurry, like it were...
  2. alcreator440

    Yanfly's Equip Core Duplication Glitch

    I'm experiencing an issue with Yanfly's Equip Core and Equip Battle Skills plugins. So basically I equip a skill that applies a state that will allow a character to equip a weapon or shield they normally can't. Then I equip said weapon or shield. Then I unequip the skill that allows them to use...
  3. How to report bug in Yanfly Event Spawner not handling meta?

    Hello. I am using Yanfly's event spawner (YEP 170 at http://yanfly.moe/2018/09/14/yep-170-event-spawner-rpg-maker-mv/) and I think it has a bug. It looks like the meta property of spawned events doesn't get set. I think a call to DataManager.extractMetadata() is necessary. How do I report this...
  4. Bors

    Confirtmation prompts don't wotk?

    I'm using the confirmation prompts provided with the Action-UI as base. They don't seem to work. Both "yes" and "no" do not work. Both "yes" and "no" work, but ONLY IF I click on a part of their hotspot that that's not overlapping the savegame hotspot underneath. To make sure I'm not doing...
  5. bananaslam

    oh god oh man what do i do please god help me

    I'm currently using RpgMaker MV and every time I tried to playtest my game a black bar would appear at the top of the screen and flicker a little bit after at least three seconds. So then i tried opening the game via the index thing or whatever and it comes up with, "Error; Failed to...
  6. Narch

    Yanfly Event Spawner: Performance Bloat after several uses

    Background: I'm developing a game since a lot of months. I was previously using Galv Event Spawner when Yanfly did not have its own. I encountered performances problems after hundred of spawns with the Galv plugin, slowing my developement last year. I switched to YEP Event Spawner when it got...
  7. CalebW

    Battle spoils issue

    has anyone run into something like this before? I’m using 99% yanfly plugins, and I checked in there but there is something I’m missing. Gold icon shows, the text of gold does not.
  8. Hisao Shou

    [VXAce] Moghunter's XAS ABS - States cannot be inflicted twice

    Hello everyone. I'm actually facing a pretty problematic issue with the XAS ABS System, where I inflict to the player a certain state by "picking up an" event, but if the player attempts to pick up the same event after the state is over, the same state does not get inflicted anymore. I do not...
  9. Cant read Actors.json

    i've been attempting to send a friend of mine a game but when he attempts opening it he gets the message: cant read Actors.json while i am still able to work on my game, does this mean my file is corrupted? and if so how do i restore it?
  10. dylan_pickle

    Weird font/text glitches [MV]

    hi hi! i have no idea how to post on forums so please don't attack me ;-; i need help. mv was working fine with no issues and now suddenly when i load up a playtest on the games i've been working on, the character sprites don't load in and i am only sometimes able to move. i'll be able to move...
  11. Parallax Panda

    [Bug Report] Troop battlebacks are all the same

    So I've got the latest STEAM version of RPG maker and I've run into an interesting problem which is that, if I change the battle background for one of my troops, it changes it for ALL my troops! I've tried turning off all my plugins, although I doubt that has anything to do with it since this...
  12. pickledylans

    Random Item Floating in Battle????

    I dont know why its there.... Ive disabled all my plugins and nothing changed.... any help is super appreciated its the first icon in my icon sheet if that helps
  13. Bastikekse

    [RMMV] Invisible enemies after "Appear Halfway" Bug

    Hello everyone! I wanted the boss to spawn more monsters by activating "Appear Halfway", Condition is "Turn 2+2*X" so that it happens after the second turn, but after the second turn the monsters appear, but they are invisible and when you attack them, the damage done is not displayed. Does...
  14. Robert-Character Creator

    Stamina Script working incorrectly

    Hello. I'm using Yami's stamina script, where there is a stamina bar when dashing. However, the "auto-hide" function does not seem to work correctly. To start, it is meant to disappear the stamina bar when you aren't dashing, after x frames. However, this only works the first time per game...
  15. character sprite doing strange things?

    was trying to create a simple character sprite for a game, and it worked fine first off. tried to edit the sprite in the form of newer versions, but it came out not fitting exactly into the frame and making my character, instead of the sprite, a giant green blob with my sprite's shape of a hole...
  16. weird pink tint onscreen when using custom tiles?

    ok, so i went ahead and downloaded rpgmaker2k3 because it was the cheapest at $4, but theres some weird issues going on. i went ahead and made a custom tileset from the tileset labeled "interior" in the files that only changed the grass/path textures and literally nothing else. when i put it...
  17. uli636

    Character can't move (SOLVED)

    I'm having trouble while making maps. When my character tries to move, nothing happens. He only turns. And I know it's not caused by the tile being marked as non-passable, because I marked it with an O. Here's a screenshot:
  18. snowy-scales

    FIXED - Battle Back Bug with Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Enabled

    i'm using the most recent update on steam, and on a brand new project. the only things i've done is exchange the music/battlebacks for the compressed versions, changed the window graphic, set it to side view battles, and changed the screen size in Community_Basic plugin to match the battle backs...
  19. Engine Core-Battle core Crash

    Ok, i was making my game (just like almost everyone here, i supose), and i decided that i could use some plugins: core engine Battle engine core action sequence pack i watched some tutorials and downladed the plugins. then i made some battle moves that i saw in a tutorial, using battle aengine...
  20. Ganimate

    Encountered bug with the transport system

    Hi everyone! So, this happens whenever I get any character to ride a transport on VX Ace: Anyone has any idea on how to fix the characters showing up there? Of course I want them to disappear when they jump in the transport, and appear back when you get off. Any help will be awesome...

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