1. GoldMine

    Crashing and File Corrupted

    My RPG maker MV has recently started crashing, I'm not sure how to fix it, but I can handle it for now, the main problem is that (I believe this is what is) every time I shut down my computer (properly), every time I turn it on and get on RPG maker MV, it doesn't automatically open my most...
  2. Ameer

    Yanfly Skill learn system bug

    I am trying Yanfly Skill Learn System to get to work but it isn't working my plugin list is here and this is what it shows me tell if it want some other thing I don't have Job Point plugin because I don't like it I think it's most probably some little notetag or plugin command I don't know...
  3. Yanfly quest journal issue

    Hello everyone! I have been tinkering with some plugins for my test project on RPG Maker MV. Having a quest log is very useful, and I was planning on using Yanfly's, but I have found a small issue with it, and I am not sure if it's a bug or me doing something incorrectly. The plugin gives you...
  4. [BUG] I can't change color of the second graph animation.

    The problem is that I can't change the palette of the second group animation with RPG Maker MV. In prueba1 I am changing the palette and click OK. In prueba2 the animation color still being the same. help please
  5. BlueZircon

    [RMMV][Yanfly] Position Issue with State Icons

    I recently went and updated my project with many of Yanfly's plugins, including Buffs and States Core. Here are some of my relevant plugin versions: - Yanfly Core v1.31 - Yanfly Battle Engine Core v1.49 - Yanfly Animated SV Enemies v1.19 - Yanfly Battle System STB v1.05 - Yanfly Buffs and...
  6. Kenshi

    HIME_PreTitleEvents Bug / How to fix?

    So I made a Title screen using "HIME_PreTitleEvents" plugin. It goes like this: 1. Video starts playing 2. Parallax Background shows up with the Text Show choices to Start a new game, continue etc. The problem is when I start the game It shows the Empty Parallax Background without any text for...
  7. Kenshi

    HIME_PreTitleEvents Bug / How to fix?

    So I made a Title screen using "HIME_PreTitleEvents" plugin. It goes like this: 1. Video starts playing 2. Parallax Background shows up with the Text Show choices to Start a new game, continue etc. The problem is when I start the game It shows the Empty Parallax Background without...
  8. Poupouille

    [PROBLEM] An NPC can't pass an event!

    Hello everybody, I use the plugin YEP_CoreEngine to allow me to enlarge the game window size. But for some reasons, I would like to disable it. Except that if I disable YEP_CoreEngine, I have a strange bug that appears :dizzy: : When an NPC wants to move, and there is an invisible event...
  9. Failed to copy folder

    I just downloaded the trial version of rpg maker xp and whenever I try to make a new project, it says "Failed to copy folder.". How do I fix this?
  10. Music suddenly plays for no reason

    Currently I have an autorun event that dictates what happens in the first part of the map. Then it is supposed to erase itself in order to stop the event repeating itself when it is finished. However, instead it starts playing one of my BGM files and the player can't move. Does anyone know how...
  11. Dreadshadow

    Chrome and MV

    It all started from this thread and @mlogan's response. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/videos-keep-freezing-randomly-at-begin-of-mapload.102400/#post-917894 You see... when running this guy's project on Chrome, the error: Failed to load: data/Actors.json occured. And...
  12. styx92

    Olivia - Order Turn Battle System: <Custom Start Turn> Bug

    Hey Guys, as the topic names says, i have a problem with the Order Turn Battle System in collaboration with Yanflys Buffs and States Core. If i use in a state the <Custom Start Turn> tag, than the tag always applies at the beginning of the Round and not at the specific actors turn. This also...
  13. Level Up Problem

    Hi, I have been having some problem with my level up process, I would say. So what happened is that, whenever my actor level up (with Passive that temporarily adds physical attack to the actor on) during the end of the battle stage (Victory After Math), the temporary bonus attack always...
  14. Narch

    [Solved] MOG Variable HUD - Bug in its own demo

    Hi Everyone. I been using the MOG Variable HuD on MV 1.5.1. I found a bug that I tested in the master demo on 1.5.1 (can't test on 1.6+). I don't know if it's fixed on 1.6+, but let me share it to you in hope someone can check and fix it (I asked the author by mail but he did not respond after...
  15. Undertale Battle System - heart not showing

    Hello, I recently tried to integrate the Undertale Battle System by SRDude into my project and it works flawlessly except for one thing. On the first turn the game does not display the player icon/heart, after that it loads and everything is fine. I was however unable to determine what is...
  16. Cuprite

    SRD HUD Maker Bug?

    So, I was trying to use SRD's HUD Maker, but for some reason, an error popped up telling me my project had to be in v1.3.0 or higher, but my version of RMMV is 1.5.2. Can somebody please explain what's going on here? Also, when SRD's Game Upgrade is activated, I get this error. *Update: I've...
  17. Need help with Yanfly Regen and DoT R

    I have been trying to implement regen over time spell that heals everyone for 2 points of damage at the end of every turn. Part of the strategy of the game is to balance regen effects with incoming DoT damage, so this is crucial to certain fights. However, when enemies deal enough damage to kill...
  18. Application Preferences Won't Save [FIXED]

    I am trying to map hotspots, but the dialogue that opens is too big, and most of it is off screen. I went to Tools --> Preferences --> Application and unchecked "use original size in preview." As soon as I close the preferences dialogue, it resets. I can't change any settings. I tried...
  19. Plugins Creating Extra, Invisible Enemies

    I've searched all on the interwebs, and I can't find any kind of solution to this problem. About half the time, for some reason, extra enemies are created at the start of battle. They're invisible, unnamed, and sit on top of the visible enemies' sprites. I don't believe this was an issue until...
  20. Poryg

    [Bug] Wrong sprite animation step display under certain circumstances

    User: Poryg Bug: Upon move route->Change image to a character graphics one would expect the char to be standing still, not in a middle of a step. How to Replicate the Bug: Option 1: Create a new event/event page (Optional) Assign it a tileset B-E graphic. Do NOT assign it a character graphic...

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