1. bug with battleback that "cut" at the middle.

    Hello, I have a bug with my battleback. launch the soft for the first time today, and I have this, don't know why ... my battleback is "cut" at the middle. please understand i couldn't upload the picture cause my situation. If I change the battleback, I have the same problem. Any help please :(
  2. fakusian

    I am having a problem before the fight, always starting again!

    I cant finish a battle! :< these are my plugins! i cant understand what is wrong here! i try turning off every plugin!
  3. Nightblade50

    Glitch with comments on profile posts?

    Hello. So I commented on another member's status. Some other people did so. And then I clicked "view previous comments". But when I did so, I got an error message at the top of the page. See the picture below in a spoiler. The text I clicked has a red box around it. (I edited it in GIMP to show...
  4. PreciousMinty

    Unable to see characters in the overworld.

    Hello! I am having a problem, and I need help sorting it out -I have one of the built-in plugins (altmenuscreen) on this project but didn't really do anything with it yet. -I did not find any previous reports of the same or similar bug -The bug is that I was working on a game, and once when I...
  5. AdamSakuru

    [SOLVED] YED Sideview Battler + Yanfly Row Formation [Visual Error]

    I won't be linking both plugins because the issue is actually with a part of Yanfly's Row Formation not accounting for battler sprites that don't follow the default format. Yanfly's Row Formation: http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/02/yep-54-row-formation/ Look at the attached image, the first actor...
  6. AdamSakuru

    SRD Battle Popup Customizer + YEP Buff & States Core Issue

    SRD's Battle Popup Customizer and Yanfly's Buff & States Core plugins work fine with each-other, but I discovered a visual issue that is occurring as a result of some sort of minor incompatibility with the two. If damage/recovery numbers are to popup on an actor due to the trait "HP Regen" in a...
  7. Faherya

    Favicon Bug

    Should not these squares be white? Opera: Chrome:
  8. MrTuwanda

    Problem Previewing my Game

    Hello all, Upon trying to preview my game, I get an error that says "Failed to load extension from... (the folder the game is in). Invalid Key in Icons: '2550'." We've not changed much in the game, however we did recently install GENE. Anyone know how to fix this? It happens when we make the...
  9. Tomcat

    [HELP] Join List missing parameter SEPARATOR

    Join List missing Separator Parameter. After looking the online manual for JOIN LIST command I notice that the Separator parameter is missing from the Join List command. In the Text to List command appears correctly. What I'm trying to do is create a List, lets say with 3 items. Work with...
  10. Sofinho

    BUG- Selecting Graphic from Tileset B as Event Graphic Causes App Crash

    What I said above: when I choose the graphic for any event from tileset B, it causes the app to crash. I've tried using different tilesets, on different maps, in new games (to see if I can cut and paste), but it crashes every time. I even re-installed on a different machine, just to check- same...
  11. AdamSakuru

    V1.6 Update is Causing Various Problems In My Game Project

    Holy hell, this has been annoying. After the new update my battle scenes freeze during the events on Turn 0. I have my battle scene appear to have a window open from a completely black screen with the battles taking place 'inside' of the window (just images.) These events were working before...
  12. MRD256

    Bug caused by new update

    So I just updated to MV 1.6.0, but every time I try to play test, I get this error message: I have no idea what this means! Someone please explain or fix this! EDIT: Even if I revert it back to 1.5.0, I still get this message
  13. Gravemaster

    Victor's Fog Crashes (VX Ace)

    Hey guys. I've been using Victor's Fog script for a while now, and I have noticed that in maps where it is enabled, when fighting monsters, there's a chance (like 30% or so) for the game to crash. I have experimented a lot so I'm certain that the fog script on its own is the cause. Do you guys...
  14. Weird animation glitch

    Hey, I’ve just started using RPGmaker MV and I seem to have this weird bug that only affects one of my actors. Whenever they use a normal attack, this gunshot animation plays over the already playing selected animation. Any ideas on how I could get that to stop would be very appreciated, thanks
  15. OcRam

    Passability bug?

    Hello and thanks for reading this. I have no plugins in this project at all. Just fresh project. If I place passable tile (o) at the edge of cliff it will allow to pass over the cliff both ways. Is this ment to be this way? I was wondering if any one else have this kind of problem? Thank you...
  16. eat beans

    Playtest Stuck on Black

    So today when I go to launch my game's playtest, it just gets stuck on a blank black screen. I haven't changed anything from yesterday, and it worked fine then. I have tried restarting my computer/steam and nothing has worked. Why is this happening?
  17. Oscar92player

    [Bug] [SumRndmDde] Options Creator plugin

    Hello, everyone, and sorry to bother you with this! I need help trying to fix a bug in the Options Creator plugin (and add-on for the Options Upgrade plugin), made by SumRndmDde. I've reported this in his site months ago, but it seems that he is not working anymore on his plugins, and is...
  18. SpiderMilkshake

    Spider's Batch o' Resources for XP

    ^w^ Starting myself a thread here to share some battlers and the like that I've made for game projects. Won't have too much to start with but I'll update every so often with new things. To start with, here are some monster-type battlers: More as I finish...
  19. Indefinite Wait Bug?

    I'm having an issue with the 'wait' command for RPG Maker MV. I'm currently using the trial version, because I didn't want to purchase it until I could make sure it did what I wanted it to do, but at this rate I'm ready to uninstall. I'm trying to create my own custom battle system, which is no...
  20. BlackLiquidSorrow

    Can't use Tsukihime's conditional effects

    Okay so I'm trying to make a buff that restores hp when a certain armor is equipped but whenever I use it I get this error script effect conditions line 128: SyntaxError occured unexpected $end. My effect formula is <effect condition: 2> a.hp > 1 ? </effect condition> Tsukihime's...

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