1. DoubleX RMMV Autobattle Bugfix

    Purpose Lets you fixes leaked side effects bugs when an autobattle actor has skills/items with damage formulae having side effects Download Link Pastebin
  2. Xeno_Amess

    [Bug]Bug about Utils.isNwjs() in rpg_core.js and fix

    In rpg_core.js we can find a function named Utils.isNwjs,which means to distinguish if your JS environment be NWJS. However ,this function is built in a wrong way. /** * Checks whether the platform is NW.js. * * @static * @method isNwjs * @return {Boolean} True if the platform is NW.js */...
  3. Cherry

    [Your help needed!] Test bugfix for key input processing when key is continuously pressed

    Dear community, RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 always had the problem that when a key was continuously held down and you were polling the key states using "Key Input Processing", you would falsely get zero (no keys held down) every few checks, so it would look as if the user were pressing and...
  4. liply_WinChrome_scroll_patch

    Hi all ! After 2016/4/16 on Windows Chrome, when status window is opened and closed, map scroll will be terribly slow. The reason is, MV creates large garbage and overflow internal video memory cache, this patch fix that. https://gist.github.com/liply/2f242c2b322947bd26618b76ec17d8c5
  5. GethN7

    Blackmorning's Advanced Animated Menu 2.02 (GethN7 version, fix for Simple Battle Rows by Mr. Trivel

    NOTE: THIS VERSION HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY BLACK MORNING'S UPDATED VERSION OF THE OFFICIAL SCRIPT, WHICH INCORPORATES MY WORK AND IMPROVES ON IT. MY THANKS TO BM FOR DOING SO. This is a modified version of Black Morning's script so those who want to use Mr. Trivel's Simple Battle Rows can do...
  6. HopeFragment

    Yanfly battle engine Damage Popup addon bugfix?

    I have a few multi-hitting moves in my game, and being a person with a poor aptitude for math, I thought it would be convienent if there were a script that would add a total damage thing to the Yanfly battle engine damage popups, that way I and other people who will play the game who are not...
  7. ♥SOURCE♥

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.

    Parallel Process Events Execution Bug Fix.   There is a problem with the execution of Parallel Process events in RPG Maker VX Ace (at least at the time of writing). Unlike Autorun events, they are not executed every update cycle (frame) by default due to a misplaced line in Game_Interpreter...
  8. TheTrueCyprien

    TheTrueCyprien's Yanfly Free Turn Battle Bugfix

    Yanfly Free Turn Battle Bugfix by TheTrueCyprien   Introduction This script fixes some bugs in Yanfly's FTB script I discovered during testing.  If you find any other bug, you can post it here and I'll try to fix it. This also helps me as I'm using this script myself. However, it could...
  9. DoubleX RMVXA Bug Fixes to YSA Battle Add-On: Invert Targets

    DoubleX RMVXA Bug Fixes v1.00b to YSA Battle Add-On: Invert Targets by DoubleX Prerequisites YSA Battle Add-On: Invert Targets(Created by Yami) http://yamiworld.wordpress.com/rgss3/battle-scripts/invert-targets/ Introduction Tries to fix bugs I've found in YSA Battle Add-On: Invert Targets...
  10. Archeia

    VXAce SP1 Bug Fix

    This was released a while back in the TKool website. While I'm only aware of the bug fix for erase picture, I wasn't familiar of some of the bugs. I'm not sure if some of these bugs are fixed or we have already applied, so for safety's sake...Here you go.  :D...
  11. DoubleX RMVXA Bug Fixes to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB

    DoubleX RMVXA Bug Fixes v1.05b to YSA Battle System: Classical ATB by DoubleX Note v1.03a+ disables party escape while at least 1 battler is executing actions Compatibility Fix...
  12. Neon Black

    Event Jitter Fix / Display Rounding Error Fix

    Scroll down to the red bolded text if you just want the fix. Recently it was brought to my attention that when scrolling the map with a lot of events on screen, the events would "jump" by a single pixel and would be improperly positioned.  I initially shrugged this off as lag, but when I saw...
  13. Neon Black

    CP's Battle Engine

    CP's Battle Engine v1.2b Created by Neon Black What is it? This is my own custom battle engine. I wanted to change how battles looked and one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I had an entire battle system. This battle system has 5 different view modes (which you can actually...
  14. Neon Black

    Gradient Text

    Gradient Text Script V1.3 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script has two main functions. First of all it allows text to be gradient meaning that it will be lighter on the top and darker on the bottom. Second it adds a text cache since that was only a few lines more and was...
  15. Neon Black

    Scrolling States Script VX

    Scrolling States VX v1.1 Created by Neon Black What is it? So with many of the default settings, there's only enough room in battle to show two to four states per character. Even with more room, if you use a lot of states (like I do) you tend to run out of room fast. This script will cause...
  16. Neon Black

    Scrolling States Script

    Scrolling States v1.1 Created by Neon Black What is it? So with many of the default settings, there's only enough room in battle to show two states per character. Even with more room, if you use a lot of states (like I do) you tend to run out of room fast. This script will cause state images...
  17. Lone Wolf

    RGSS3 Unofficial Bugfix Snippets

    I'll be using this thread to compile script snippets I've posted in the VX Ace help section. These work automatically once pasted into the Materials section, and are only tested with the default scripts. For maximum compatibility, put these before any custom scripts you may be using. Enemy Turn...
  18. Mithran

    Text Cache

    Text Cache v 1.03 by Mithran Introduction VX Ace is a huge improvement over VX in many different ways. However, although text processing has a number of new features, it has also introduced a number of new bugs. - Text is squeezed when drawn to the rect given by text_size. Subsequent text...

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