1. kyonides

    Videogames You Should Stay Away From

    Videogames You Should Stay Away From First of all, I gotta say this thread is not about telling people about how ugly you find the bubbleheaded characters present in famous games or even in MV / MZ like games. That's not the focus here. :aswt: What this is all about is telling you to not spent...
  2. Need help with bug!

    Hi all. I have encountered an unusual bug in rpgmaker MZ. That to hover the mouse on a button or any function it is necessary to hold it lower. Also some function screens are cut off.
  3. sanguine1038

    How to fix pure white screen

    I've been wanting to fix this issue for the longest time and I was told it was about some OpenGL error, but that's not true. Here's how to fix it. What's the issue? The issue is whenever you try to launch your game, through the playtest option, it just shows a blank white screen. This is a...
  4. SassyHat

    Issue with Choice Loop

    I've been having issues creating a Chapter Select Menu. I have the functionality of it working; that isn't the issue. However, the placement of the menu changes from the middle of the screen to the bottom of the screen whenever I come back from a choice that doesn't transfer the player elsewhere...
  5. IntoTheDrink

    RMMV RPGMaker Constant bugs and corruptions.

    This morning I started working on a project that I hadn't worked on in about a week. I realised that when I playtested the game, I could walk through all the walls. I closed the game and looked at the tileset, walls were set to X. I loaded the game again and they worked now. I thought it was...
  6. DragonRose35

    Got a New Laptop and Now My RPG Maker is Bugged?

    Okay so... here's the deal. I got a new laptop about a month ago and was finally able to transfer all my files from the old one to this one. RPG Maker MV was among them. After going through the hassle of re-finding my product key, I booted RPG Maker up, started a new game file... and it works...
  7. MajinSonic

    RMMV RPGMakerMV Plugin doesn't work after deployment

    Hello everyone! Yesterday, we depolyed our project for testing purposes, as we have already noticed that the projects like to behave differently than in the test game and, for example, some plugins simply no longer work. Now we come to a problem that we find really exciting and unfortunately...
  8. GroundZeroGames

    RMMV [SOLVED] Khas Lighting Plugin Bug: Toggling the player's lantern on or off briefly disables their collision?

    While working on a spooky game, I discovered an interesting glitch(?) that has to do with Khas's lighting plugin. The game uses a toggleable flashlight. However, while turning it off or on... THAT happens. I'm not entirely sure how I can go about fixing this. This is a pretty annoying...
  9. Barthdry

    Bug in conditional branch critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638

    I got a problem even when i tried lots of times when i put conditional branch of gold (Money) and other conditions work like switch, variable and items. Critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638 and closes
  10. richeater

    RMMV Battle Sprites Problem

    I normally wouldn’t post on the forum because I’m shy but I’m actually desperate. I have basically 0 knowledge of JavaScript and can’t solve this by myself. And I don’t know anyone who works in JavaScript! I’m not sure what caused this, but if I run a Battle Test or trigger a battle during...
  11. DagJakeTanner

    [SOLVED]New Party Member Not Showing Up

    Hey, all! The game I'm currently working on mostly has you just playing as one character the entire time. However, there is one segment where a party member temporarily joins you. I'm trying to put this together, but after the new party member is added, he doesn't actually show up on the map...
  12. Xyonel

    Get Location info

    Hey guys, someone know very well uses and limitation of get location info? I've encountered some problem with this function, even if I get the id and put these in variables, when I recall the debug window in playtest i see that sometimes the variable give 0 value. I use 4 get location info for...
  13. The Pause Menu Is Showing Party Members That Don't Exist

    I was testing out my game when I decided to press "x." I was greeted with three members in the party. Two of them not existing. Why is the game doing this, and how do I rectify it?
  14. DGNNY

    Items not working in battle at all.

    Every time I try to use an item in a battle, it gets consumed, no animation plays, nothing gets restored, nothing happens at all. How do I fix this?
  15. Abashi76

    Bugs that randomly happen and can't be fixed

    I was trying to make an animation show on the map, which I have done many times before. This time, the battle animation won't appear on the map after my NPC walks to another spot on the map. This I have done two times before. I have tried everything, even switching to "parallel process" from...
  16. Siletrea

    trying to create "Habitarium" like game

    hello! I've just gotten a copy of MV from a good friend of mine after I found I could not create what I wanted in earlier versions of RPGMaker so I'm hoping since MV is new and lots of people love it that I may be able to get some tips,suggestions,help and/or advice for my project! now this may...
  17. Bri

    Unknown bugs in RPG Maker VX Ace?

    Okay, so the other day I sent the following email to the RPG Maker support; I've encountered two issues while using rpg maker. 1) In some cases the "change actor graphic" function does not work for the pixel sprite or the menu info. 2) Sometimes an event will happen in a place where it...
  18. PreciousMinty

    Unable to see characters in the overworld.

    Hello! I am having a problem, and I need help sorting it out -I have one of the built-in plugins (altmenuscreen) on this project but didn't really do anything with it yet. -I did not find any previous reports of the same or similar bug -The bug is that I was working on a game, and once when I...
  19. HIIVE

    A long art thread. Commissions, doodles, speedpaints, dev art, etc.

  20. Xuwboss

    software window messed up

    i don't know what i did but the window to my RPG Maker MV is disproportionated . the toolbar is not where it should be and when hover directly above a key it does not register it unless i put my mouse either to the side or under it. i attached screenshots to show what it looks like

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