1. remainderstudios

    Strange bug with save files and new game

    I just spotted a very serious and rare bug in rpg maker vx ace. Bring attention. - I start a new game - I go to a map X (An empty house for example), I create an object from a template (Spawn events). - I put the object on the ground. - I save the game - Without exiting the game, I go to the...
  2. Yumero

    RPG MAKER MV - steam_api.dll for Steam (sorry if it is a noob question)

    Hi! I'm preparing to launch my game on Steam. I was uploading the game build, when I realized I still didn't understand if there's a standard steam_api.dll already compiled for each game to upload or I need something to make my own. I downloaded the Steam SDK, and I've found there the .dll...
  3. FoxySeta

    [EDITED]Building for Android: Failed to notify project evaluation listener > Java Heap Space

    COMMAND LINE: Objective-J.js:9388 cordova create "a" "com.example.game" "a" (unknown) Creating a new cordova project. (unknown) (unknown) Finished Creating Project... (unknown) Objective-J.js:9388 COMMAND LINE: Objective-J.js:9388 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Visual Novel...
  4. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】How to pack Visual Novel Maker games using Enigma VB

    Tutorial topic: how to pack a game build for Windows (hence the title) Brief description Both "Build for > Windows" and "Create Game Package/Windows" commands generate a game folder, instead than a single ".exe", which can be pretty annoying. This tutorial explains how to pack your game folder...
  5. FoxySeta

    [SOLVED]Black screen when opening "Game.exe"

    The live preview works just fine, and I can also test my project with no problem. No error occured while building for Windows, according to the debug console. I also tried messing with the "save game data in" settings from the system database (after looking at this, which is about Mac OS...
  6. FoxySeta

    Problem while building for Android

    I'm just gonna leave the debug console log here (way too heavy to be uploaded as draft). These errors occured while I was trying to build the blank project template, so it probably has something to do with some installation done uncorrectly (cordova, sdk etc...). EDIT: I think I might have...
  7. Tomcat

    [Solved] (Partially) Games don't run in Mac Osx High Sierra.

    Hi everybody, Need some help when trying to build a game or running one of the demos. The VN Maker runs without problems, live preview and pressing Play shows the game I'm working on without problems. After building the app through Game > Build For > Mac Os X (NW.js), and trying to run the...
  8. Rinober

    RMMV [IGMC 2017] Donut Defense

    The princess discovered an island made of sugar and she chose you, Mr. Muffin, to build a village on that beautiful and tasty island. Build a unique candy town that has never seen before Choose between many buildings to improve your town Defend your town against enemies who want to destroy it...
  9. EpixRPG

    Tokyo Ghoul: Blood [Test Build]

    Features Story-telling cutscenes. Adventure Fighting Character Customization Wot?!? You really need more? Notice Story may change or tweak, so please consider Story CCG: TBA - Ghoul: You walk into the city's cafe anteiku to meet your friend Hide. The crush...
  10. Tyrael79

    Help with Manual Android Build issue: "Crosswalk library not installed"

    Hi Guys, I'm having huge issues with the manual method of building an android app. I can get the app working successfully with Intel XKD, however the time it takes to upload the project, build it, then re-download is a nightmare, especially when there is just a super small quick change that...
  11. estriole

    EST - RegionMapLoader

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - RegionMapLoader Version: 1.0 By Estriole File name: EST_RegionMapLoader.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Replace map data you mark with region with other map data. usefull if you want to transform part of the...
  12. estriole

    EST - Build And Decor EX

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Build And Decor EX Version: 1.6 By Estriole File name: EST_Build_And_Decor_EX.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Conversion of my EST - BUILD AND DECOR SERIES script from ACE. Mainly this script make you can have...
  13. Faytless

    "Please install Crosswalk Libraries first"

    Greetings Everyone, It seems as though this issue is becoming more predominate.   ISSUE:  Launch your freshly compiled APK, and it throws an error "please install crosswalk libraries first"  then closes. I have two computers with very, very simliar specs.  One works compiles APK's with this...
  14. estriole


    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Clone Transform Delete Event Version: 1.9 By Estriole File name: EST_Clone_Transform_Delete_Event.js ■ Introduction ╒══════════════════════════╛ Want to Add New Event based on template event in current / other map or Transform...
  15. estriole

    EST - SAVE MAP EVENTS (My First Java Script Plugin)

    ■ Information ╒══════════════════════════╛ EST - Save Map Event Version: 1.6 By Estriole File name: EST_Save_Map_Event.js ■ Changelog ╒══════════════════════════╛ Earlier changelog inside spoiler... v1.6 2015.12.06 - ability to tag event note / tag event page comment with...
  16. Wavelength

    New version expected soon?

    Normally I like to wait a few days when software comes out to let the bugs and omissions be sorted out, rather than use day two patches and such... and by the looks of the forum there are a few things to be fixed. Do you guys expect to update the download within the coming week to fix some of...
  17. MeowFace

    .txt Files Builder/Opener

    Making this script for one of the request here. It can be done using eventing alone too, but script makes the management easier. For those interested in the eventing side, please check out that link instead. Features: [1] A simple way to create  .txt files using preset data in the script...

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