1. NeilColl

    Character Builder/Generator

    Hi Everyone, I recently made a character generator tool because I needed a good way to make many characters for my upcoming indie game. I didn't like the default RPGMaker style sprites and found it a lot of work to use arbitrary resource packs provided online, or found they didn't have as much...
  2. Tomcat

    [Solved] (Partially) Games don't run in Mac Osx High Sierra.

    Hi everybody, Need some help when trying to build a game or running one of the demos. The VN Maker runs without problems, live preview and pressing Play shows the game I'm working on without problems. After building the app through Game > Build For > Mac Os X (NW.js), and trying to run the...
  3. Hollow 1977

    SAKAN Tileset Builder MV

    I just saw this Sakan Tileset Builder for MV on steam. It looks pretty good. I am looking for some opinions from some tileset builders or pixel artists on how good it is for creating tiles and tilesets or maybe you have already bought it and tried it. What do you think?
  4. Allinardo

    Tons of Classes

    So a while back I stumbled upon this image by...I believe his name is Carl Graves? Correct me if I'm wrong on that one. But this image got me thinking. Would anyone actually be interested in playing an RPG with that many class options in it? I know people love choices, but what would be too...
  5. AllyJamy

    Stardew valley building system with events/scripts?

    Hi. So I'm working on a city builder type of game. I'm wondering how I could make it so I could build houses/Buildings like it is done in Stardew valley. (With common events or scripts)   I'm wondering:  -How to make all the pixels in the event impassable (at the moment only the pixels...
  6. Der Botaniker

    RMEBuilder, the first package Manager for RPGMaker VXAce !

    Hello, we (RMEx crew) are happy to introduce the first Package Manager for RPG Maker VXAce. This project is inspired by the package manager of Linux (like Aptitude or Yaourt) and provide a fresh environnement for script installation (and update). Every scripters could submit their scripts on the...

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