bullpup shooting engine

  1. Lanto

    Event not start - Bullpup Script

    Hello everyone! I am creating a game of zombies, basic and stereotyped haha. Look for an ABS, but the one that suits me most about what I need is the "Bullpup Script", but it only has one problem that it has not been able to solve and I hope you can help me. The problem is when the Bullpup...
  2. Bullpup Shooting Engine Weapons

    i have a problem i was creating a game with this engine and i search for put a melee atack i make a zombie but he can not atack only weapon note tags can be used in events example: Armas[6] = [19, 24, 14, "ak47",9, 3] i really want enemys can do a melee atack! not only use...
  3. Interaction error

    So I've been using "BullPup Weapons Engine" Everything is working, but I cannot interact with any events in game. Please help me with this issue, this is one of the last errors I've been having. Thanks.

    I am making a game about guns. First I downloaded the demo: I then ported the scripts: BullPup HUD BullPup Weapons BullPup Main THIS PROBLEM WAS FIXED.
  5. Bullpup Shooting engine problem

    Hello everybody, I'm using this abs Bullpup shooting engine, (yes, I know it is Portuguese) It works very well but I have a problem: the script is the function of alert near enemies and I would like to turn it off by default but you can not do. the beginning of the script is this:   in...

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