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  1. PixelLuchi

    Luchi's Resource gallery ( Updated 23/7/2014 )

    Hello everyone, Luchi here. I thought I'd share with you some resource I've been working on for the last few days. Because we know, you guys want resources more than anything to start creating those games you dream of. ^^ Well, I'm here to help, along with the other wonderful people who share...
  2. Archeia

    Division Heaven Resources and Stuff

    Click on the banner to go to the site! What is Division Heaven? Division Heaven is just another resource site that is exclusively made for your VXAce needs. And mostly for the VXAce game, Princess Princess. Most of the time, we just throw resources around just because. Who is in...

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oh looks like the forums updated while I wasn't looking and we can put a banner now. Neat!
Treating this as a devlog
Finally feel well enough to sketch. Took twenty minutes to find the tablet. Another ten for the cable. Only to discover that my Clip Studio Pro license has expired. Yup. Gonna be one of those days.
Is there a way to add pictures to profile posts?

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