1. ovate

    14 Sci-Fi RTP Battle Busts

    Sci-Fi faces/ portraits based on enemies design. Includes: SF_Actor3-5: GothicLolita | SF_Actor3-6: SweetLolita SF_People2-1: Boss | SF_People2-4: Assassin SF_People2-5: Preacher | SF_People2-7: Yakuza SF_Others-4: DarkLord2000 | SF_Others-5: Bodyguard Also: SF_People2-6 | 2-8 SF_Others-3 | O-6...
  2. Papyrusio

    RPG Maker MV : Character Bust Request

    Hi, i'm making a game and i'd need a bust of one of the characters, The Art Style : must look like the RPG Maker MV ArtStyle(not cover arts characters), it must be realistic and it must resemble to the character, Character Description : First, his name is Papyrusio and he's 18 years old...
  3. Updating picture in HUD Maker Plugin

    Hi, Was looking into this and either there isnt a thread (likely is) or I am unsure of the terminology to use to find it. I am wanting to have a picture always be on screen, mainly for either HUD or character reasons. I have seen similar in meltys quest (NSFW) and some other minor games i have...
  4. JtheDuelist

    [1/3 Spots Filled] JtheDuelist's Face Set and Bust Workshop

    I need practice before I can open a Classifieds shop, so I have made this workshop in the mean time to get that needed practice. ====Samples==== ====Request Template==== Name of Project Resource Will Be Used In: (The name of your game- so I can keep track of the game's I've helped with)...
  5. ts50

    Bust Workshop - FREE

    Hello! This is my workshop, where I will create busts for your game! I love making these busts, so don't be afraid to ask. You can either reply to this thread or PM me with the request template. 1. Race (Human, Elf, Orc, etc... I can make human busts best. Any others may not turn out well.) 2...
  6. Isabella Ava

    Unfinished Character Busts

    Hi, i drew some images in free time, i will add more new stuffs here later (if any?) I do it for fun so maybe the images will remain as unfinished :LZSyum: All of them can be used for non-commercial purpose only and you need to credit me if you use them.
  7. Rhino

    Making a Blinking Bust [Eventing for Beginners]

    Here's a really simple way to animate a bust in any Maker! Step 1: Create your blinking images. To keep the size down, I recommend having the eyes on their own, so you can just layer them ontop of your bust graphic, rather than using the full image each time. E.g. The images are all the...
  8. Klaykrow

    Bust talksprite problems, show picture method.

    I for the life of me cant get talksprites to work. I've tried using galv's scripts but i cant get it to work properly, so im trying the show picture method and that wont work either. everytime it comes to the part where the talksprite would be shown i get an error: Script 'Game_pictures'line...
  9. styx92

    Compatibility between Galvs Message Busts and MBS Map Zoom

    Hey there. I make it short. I use Galv message busts and the MBS Map Zoom plugin. It works pretty together without crashs or else, but if i have a message bust and at the same time i have zoomed in or out, the message bust dont geht zoomed. Than it looks so:   Ignore the black lines...
  10. Gabrelik

    Werewolf Bust (Portrait) and Sprite

    I'm was tinkering around with a werewolf bust for the project and came up with this. I'm still learning how to edit, but maybe it will be useful to some of you. Perhaps somebody could clean it up and make it pretty. :D   There are pieces in here from VX Ace as well as MV, so you'll need to...
  11. Mr. Trivel

    Actor Portraits in Battle

    Name: Actor Portraits in Battle Version: 1.1a Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-18   What does it do? Shows Actor's portraits/battlers in battle.   Video:     How to use? Put actor images into img\system folder...
  12. KidCreator

    RPG Maker MV Character Bust

    Resource Type: Character Bust Maker Format: MV Art Style: Ace RTP Description:  Hey there, just what I hope will be a small and relatively trouble free request for all those artistically minded people out there; I'd like to have this character face made into a bust sprite for the sake...
  13. AshteriskGaming

    How to Use Sprite Battle System with Claimh Bust Battle System?

    So, I've recently come across Jet's (very nice) Viewed Battle System, and I'd like to use it, but I already have Claimh's Bust Battle System Scripts in my game. I'd like the busts to be at the bottom of the screen, the enemies at the top, and my character battle sprites to be kind-of in the...
  14. kyuukyuu

    Artist joining the pack~

    Hey guys~  I've been with Reverie studios for awhile and work on the few projects as a parallax mapper and also an artist~  I do wish to open an art shop soon to get by TwT I've just recently got kicked out of school due to financial problems... and hope that my art might catch some of...
  15. Ice Bear

    An Anthropomorphic Wolf Character

    Edit: got a friend to help with the art, I'm going to request to close this thread now. Seems that I solved my own problem heh.
  16. Cvrtis

    Draw an armor. Need help for idea

    Hello to all, I need help. The fact that I have a problem with imagination. It's veeery big problem for me. So I want to ask you to help me.   I have a character. 1. And I have to draw an armor for him. But I have NO idea how it should look. I leave here a picture with template. What exactly I...
  17. Mr. Trivel

    Luminus Status Screen

    Name: Luminus Status Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-28   What does it do? Changes how Character Status is displayed.   Screenshots:   How to use? Luminus Status Screen changes background according to the map you're in. Use following note tag in map note...
  18. Anime_Fusion

    How to change Actor Note info DURING gameplay?

    So I have the plugin, Altmenuscreen3 by Yoji Ojima, the reason I like this plug in is because it allows my character to have bust portraits. as seen below. However, my main character goes through a change where her graphic needs swapped. In order to do this, you need to add the this code in the...
  19. Shiroi Akuma

    Shirois Stuff

    Terms of use: If you find minor bugs or glitches in the facesets or busts tell me. (For example pixels which are floating in a transparent area.) If something is unclear, ask. Objects: For Yanflys Doodas Plugin/Parallax Mapping RTP Edits (All Credit goes to...
  20. EternalShadow

    [RGSS3/Ace] - Galv Busts Are Semi-Transparent at Start of Event

    The Script: (No, don't tell me to change bust script, it's too far into dev now) The issue: Paraphrased text from forum eating my earlier longer explanation: Busts appear about 95-99% opaque, with a slight hint of transparency at the start of events. In battle, the busts always remain...

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