1. Character set/Busts Request

    Resource Type: Character/Actor image and/or Busts Maker Format: RPG Maker MV Art Style: As close to the MV style as you can get Description: I would like to have about 6 busts and character/Actor images( with different expressions) for some of the existing RPGmaker MV's characters, a...
  2. Nanaki_Fan

    Help turn Busts into Faces set

    Hello everyone, I have an odd request. I thought I could do it myself but my paint.net software doesnt seem to want to give me me the desired result. Basically I have some custom character busts that I paid to have made and well, I am that happy with them I have decided to change my...
  3. Sora St. Clair

    [Request] Animations on Busts / Pictures.

    Hey Everyone!  I'd like to request a plugin, or script or whatever exactly is, something that allows you to play animation on a picture or a bust, certain people use busts in their game instead of faces, as known, animations can be played only on characters on maps, but I'd like if we can...
  4. SlySlySly

    Busts for actors/people tabs

    Hello! I am using Galv's Bust plugin. It is great though I have to do it for every single character. I was wondering if there is any resources out there of busts for some of the default graphics. Such as the people 1 2 3 and so on. As well as maybe actor 1 2 3. Anyone know anything? If so...
  5. Sunki

    Sunny's Characters Shop

    OPEN   Hello everyone! i know i am still new in this community but want to meet others and have good relations and friendships! :D I decided to open my little shop for two reasons, first to practice, and then to get new friends! <3 Okay now, i want you all to know what i do and...
  6. LaFlibuste

    LaFlibuste's Characters

    So over the last 2-3 weeks I needed a break from storyboarding so I started drawing my game's characters. These are busts I am planning to use for dialogs. The dialog box should be semi-transparent and cover the lower 30% of the bust, more or less. All of the previous just to give you a rough...
  7. GethN7

    Having a problem with Fomars Faces To Busts script

    I'm having a problem using Fomar's Faces To Bust script. I'd contact Fomar but no luck, seems to have fallen off the side of the planet, and since the problem likely has a simple fix (and I'm a Ruby ******), l'm hoping I can get a little script assistance. The problem is this. When you enter...
  8. noctilucan

    Busts on Opposite Sides?

    Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here so let me know if I've done anything wrong (・∀・;) So, I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on the positioning of character busts. (The busts would be dynamic and not just the face would change, of course :9 I know that tends to annoy...
  9. kyuukyuu

    RPG Maker MV Actor Busts

    I'll created some Bust resources for the MV actors~ will be adding more whenever I have some free time off from commissions >www< Therese might be next~ or maybe you guys prefer someone else? D: The bust is pretty rough x'D but these are like some doodles and practice in between my time...
  10. EternalShadow

    [Request/MV] Extension to Galv's Message Busts

    http://galvs-scripts.com/2015/11/01/mv-message-busts/ Essentially, I would like an option whereby I can show the player's bust on the (left - this should be changeable of course) side of the message. Here is a very placehodlery example, featuring terrible mouse-drawn art where the player's...
  11. AceTheMad

    Custom Busts React to Target Flashes on Animations

    So, I'm using Yanfly's cast animations with the Luna Engine. So, I made my custom normal attack animation a single white target flash. However, when I tested it, I found that the busts, despite my efforts, never flashed. I'm not sure, as I've never had RPG Maker XP, but I'm pretty sure that this...
  12. LRDean_Socks

    The Sock Witch's Cabin of Resources

    The Sock Witch's Cabin   Welcome to the Sock Witch's Cabin where I will house a few resources!   I will do MV RTP redraws/ redesigns as well as maybe some original resources. My resources if full original will not come with match sprite...sorry.    Things to know This is for fun, I mainly...
  13. StrawberrySmiles

    Character Busts Needed

    I can draw, but I cannot color my artwork well enough to use my art. Oh, and I can't draw men. >< I'd like to request VX ACE RTP-styled busts for 5 of my main characters, either by edding from various other RTP-styled stuff or from scratch. I only have references from two, but I'll try to be...
  14. blamethepoet

    Visual Novel System Using Faceset

    Hi guys   I have experimented several visual novel systems (by theoallen, galv etc...) however I have to say that the simples yet most compatible is      Faces to Busts by Fomar0153   Everytime you select a face from the dialogue box it already creates a portrait, however I would like to...
  15. Using both portraits and busts during battle

    Hello everyone. This is concerning a commercial project. I'm experimenting with a design that uses both actor portraits and busts during battle sequences. I'm currently trying to implement Soulpour777's 'Show Portraits in Battle' for busts, and Yanfly's 'Ace Battle Engine' for the portraits...
  16. Verdeware

    Tranforming Bust Emotions to Faces and Face emotions to Busts

    Hello Everyone, I happen to have some emosets for some Chars that I would like to edit to look like my characters (of course credit is due) I would like to put these emotions on some busts that I also have (RTP busts) So that I can show a bigger profile of a person but still give them emotion...
  17. Tornado Samurai

    [RMVXA] Box Art Charatcers Face Graphics?

    Good day to all. I am looking for another specific character busts/face graphics. I'm wondering if this one even exists. Are there any official character busts/face graphics for any of the four characters on the box art of RPG Maker VX: Ace? [Please post outside sites/links if it really is...
  18. Tornado Samurai

    Where to find busts/face graphics?

    Good evening all. I recently just purchased RPG Maker VX Ace, so I'm kind of new to all this, coming from XP. Where can I find busts and face graphics for charatcers under the following conditions?  - They would have to be able to be used for free or commercial. - They would have to be in...
  19. DShroom

    What do you look for in character portraits?

    Hello all. I hope this is the right section for this (I also hope the poll works HA). I'm looking to create a range of character portraits (headshots and busts, maybe even some full body images) and perhaps some sprites that will be free to use in RPGmaker projects. My question is, what do...
  20. Idril

    VX and VX Ace Busts

    Hello everyone, First off, I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this topic! As for my question/request, I was wondering where to get the RPG Maker VX and VX Ace busts/portraits I've seen around. I've found a few, the ones edited by Archeia, but I read somewhere...

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