1. DShroom

    What do you look for in character portraits?

    Hello all. I hope this is the right section for this (I also hope the poll works HA). I'm looking to create a range of character portraits (headshots and busts, maybe even some full body images) and perhaps some sprites that will be free to use in RPGmaker projects. My question is, what do...
  2. Idril

    VX and VX Ace Busts

    Hello everyone, First off, I'm new to the forum, so sorry if this is in the wrong place to post this topic! As for my question/request, I was wondering where to get the RPG Maker VX and VX Ace busts/portraits I've seen around. I've found a few, the ones edited by Archeia, but I read somewhere...
  3. DShroom

    Can't get face to bust scripts to work

    Hi all I'm wanting that classic look of a bust then script, like the image below - I've tried both Fomar (http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/files/file/32-restaff-september-2012-release/) and Galv's (http://galvs-scripts.com/galvs-message-busts/) scripts but I can not seem to get either...
  4. Party Based Busts

    I'm currently using Galv's Message Busts in the game I'm making, and am also using Hime's Party-based Graphics, but the two don't work together. Does anybody know of a bust system that also works on the position of members in the party?  
  5. Bonus content

    I bought VX Ace nearly a month ago, and I've had a look around through the forum posts regarding the bonus content for it, and got kind of confused. Is the bonus content for those who pre-ordered it only, or can I PM Touchfuzzy to get them? Thanks.
  6. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Rural Farm Tiles Character Faces/Busts?

    Is there any facesets/busts for Lars and Lana in the Rural Farm Tiles? If there isn't can anyone make them? Thanks!
  7. lemongreen

    Some stuff I've made

    Hey, thought it was about time I share a few of my creations with the greater RPG Maker community (though, I have to admit I still haven't made anything really impressive yet...) Pictures BattleStart Batters Faces/Busts Sprites I also have a few (kinda bad) music tracks...
  8. Makio-Kuta

    Maki's Chibi RTP (VX and later VX-ACE)

    Hello! I decided to take on the ever daunting task of redrawing the RTP characters in a my goofy style for busts and facesets. I'll be trying to do all of the characters in the VX and VX-Ace RTPs, but this will take some time! So please be patient. I've only got a few done so far, but felt like...
  9. Sharm

    Sharm's Stuff

    Hey everyone! I figure it's about time that I gathered up the free things I've made for RM and put them all together. I've divided the sections up by style. RTP ParallaxSprite pieces Random Tiles DS Battlers Pixel Myth Busts LPC Tiny 16 Other BattlebacksBattlebacks1 Battlebacks2 Battle...
  10. J0pac

    Help me colour busts,please.

    Lately I've been seriously thinking about getting busts for my game.I always wanted them but I knew that finding someone to do them for free and for my whole game would be impossible. Let me get to the point,my brother is a gifted artist(It's hard for me to admit,but yeah...he's good at it and...
  11. Rishabh Varshney

    menu scripts

    Hello every one after a lots of research i found nothing on the menu script that i want a menu script like the picture.does any one help Thank you in advance
  12. Albaharu

    How to use bust instead of faces in conversations?

    Hello ! I was wondering how could I do something like this:  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bdd_9byCEAAes9H.jpg:large I saw someone did a script for it : http://galvs-scripts.com/2012/12/01/message-busts/  but I dont know how to make it work :( I can play the demo that it shows how it work...
  13. CrypticCuddler

    First Game: Busts or Face Graphics

    :blush:   So, I probably KNOW the answers I will get, but still want some opinions. I had thought previously that, yeah, the faces on the character generator in RPGMakerVX Ace isnt the BEST, but it's nice enough! And I've been working hard to make all my characters as different as possible in...
  14. Grayborders

    Costumes/Busts system help.

    Hi there this is a pretty complicated system setup help request. So i`ll try to explain as best i can, i apologise if its not the easiest to understand. Ok so I`m using Glav`s "message busts" script for scenes in my game. Its a really neat script, it allows me to set faceset images in scenes...
  15. ~*~ RTP Portrait Makeovers ~*~

    I've been having allot of fun lately using the VX portraits to Frankendoll a few concepts, and I thought I'd share! I'll be adding to this all the time so check back later if you want to see more! If you use these portraits, you must credit me, as Neverward, and Enterbrain. If you have any...
  16. Candacis

    Candacis' Resources

    Candacis' Resources Since I love editing tiles, sprites and portraits, I thought I will begin sharing some of my stuff. I'd love to hear feedback. You can give me suggestions, too, but I can't guarantee that I will make them. I also don't like doing emotion sets, mainly because I'm really...
  17. Two message busts at once?

    Is there a script that'll allow me to show messages with two message busts at once? At the moment I'm using Galv's script for message busts and have been adding the second bust using 'Show Picture'. It's gotten kinda tedious! Wondering if there's a way around it.
  18. slippery_tuesdays

    Post Apocalyptic Resource Request

    Hello Rpg Makers!!!! So, as of late I have been starting quite a few projects. One of them is a post apocalyptic thing, much like the old Fallout games (Minus the hex grid though). And, of course, for this I need resources. The problem, is that I am not the most talented artist. What I would...
  19. Archeia

    ReStaff May 2013

    Welcome everyone to the May 2013 ReStaff Release! This month is pretty good with all the diversity. And of course we have tons of new music and surprises for everyone! Because of the Ongoing Pixel Madness, 2 entries here aren't disclosed. Thanks to our lovely Guest Contributors and ReStaffers...
  20. Jesse - PVGames

    Free Sprites, Animated Battlers, and more! Updated 3/22/14 - Icon Set!

      Hello all! For those of you who enjoy the various Resource Bundles that Pioneer Valley Games has produced (you can view them all Front-View Battlers 1 through 11 If you'd like to support us, stay in touch, or just keep tabs on the latest resources we produce, then please visit our Facebook...

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