1. Archeia

    ReStaff October 2012 Release!

    Welcome everyone to Restaff's Seventh Release! For this month of October, we have some spooky treats that could help spice up your horror (or not) games! DOWNLOAD IT OVER HERE! Please remember to credit the makers of the resources if you use them! We also don't allow the resources to be...
  2. GrandmaDeb

    Granny's Lists - VX Ace Portraits and Facesets

    RPG MAKER VX/ACE RESOURCES PORTRAITS and FACESETS Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted Terms and Conditions of the artists, and always credit those who contributed to your game. In addition, please respect the effort represented in the body of work...
  3. Archeia

    ReStaff September Release!

    DOWNLOAD IT OVER HERE! Welcome everyone to Restaff's Sixth Release! For the month of September, some of the restaff feel like contributing even during their vacation! We made resources for your game making needs! Please remember to credit the makers of the resources if you use them! We...

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I finally added my newly updated demo back to the website! It only took like 4 weeks of work...
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My apologies if it's out-of-place for my goyim-lookin' ass to be the one to say it, but the mythology of "Golems" is that they were created by Rabbis to protect Jewish villages from Anti-semetic attacks.

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