button common event

  1. Mitty_Muse

    RMMV Yanfly's Button Common Events doesn't let me use arrow keys to move in game.

    I downloaded the Button Common Events Plugin but now my in game character won't move using arrow keys. I can click and move but arrow keys are a no go. When I disable the Button Plugin my in game character moves with the arrow keys again. I've tried putting 'RevertButton' command in the Common...
  2. Tvx9

    RMMV Help with switching characters in party!

    So I'm making a Mario and Luigi-like game, and I have a YEP ButtonCommonEvent. All I want is that when I press the Q key, the leader changes places with a follower, turning that follower into the leader, just like in the original game. The game will only have 2 actors.
  3. Eliaquim

    Eli Button Common Events - Assign/bind common events to your keyboard keys!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction This plugin lets you bind common events to any keyboard button via plugin parameters or plugin commands! Features ● Bind common events to keys. ● Remove common events from these keys. ● Can do it through plugin parameters or plugin commands. How to use...
  4. Hahasea

    Making a button common only effect events the player is touching.

    I'm trying to set up a button common event, assigning a key to repels NPCs that the player is touching. So far I have it partially working - using the 'v' key while touching a NPC activates my repel common event, and the NPC is repelled, however - it also effects all other map NPCs (that have...
  5. Captain_Joshua

    Yanfly Button Common Event not working right with Yanfly Keyboard config?

    I have both the button common event as well as the keyboard config plugins from yanfly installed. Unfortunately enough, these two plugins don´t seem to like each other very much. I have tried turning off the keyboard config one, and the common event one worked perfectly without an issue...

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