1. "Minigames" in the overworld

    Hey guys, I was trying to do some new things in RPG Maker MV, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm trying to add more interesting interactions for the player to experience in the overworld, but I'm still pretty new and was wondering if you guys had some advice. My first idea...
  2. Dropping objects to block path

    I'm currently working on a project where a monster is chasing the main character through a labirinth and the player can get an item which will transfer him to another labirinth filled with other monsters I ask your help to help me making a script, if the player pushes a button then...
  3. Indsh

    Action Button Glitch

    I have found a bug, I still have to test it later today on a new game to see if its to do with plugin's but appricate it if others could test. Very simply I have a camera pan to give you the layout of a cave you have just entered, there is a switch to clear your path right at the start, it has...
  4. xdan

    Button to end battle

    This is a very simple script. To explain, that is. When the player pushes a certain button (let's say R), the turn ends immediately and the party attempts to flee from the battle.
  5. Benja

    How to make a successful defend prevent status effects? [Galv's Timed Button Attacks]

    Hiya guys. I'm having a bit of trouble with a feature I want implemented. I'm using Galv's Timed Button Attacks in my battle system, and I wanted to implement a feature where a successful defend from an attack that would give you a status effect will prevent it from being inflicted on the...
  6. Indsh

    Button Input

    This is stright of the script call sheet from the forum and I can't get it to work for the life of me. if(Input.keyTriggered("t")){ var xPos = $gamePlayer.screenX(); var yPos = $gamePlayer.screenY(); $gameScreen.startZoom(xPos-20, yPos-30, 5, 10); } I got the Yanfly plugin for the button...
  7. Kuu_t

    Toggle Button for HUD

    Hi, I'm currently trying to do a toggle button for my HUD. To achieve this, I use Yanflys Button Common Events and SmRndDdes HUD maker. Currently, I manage to open the HUD through eventing, but release button doesn't work. The flow should be like this: - Press E -> Show HUD - Release E ->...
  8. Button to website in title screen

    Hi. Probably I have a very stupid question but I hope anyone can help me with it. I've created title screen (using images) with buttons (new game, load, etc.) and decided to add button which can open website in browser. Draw the button is not a problem but I dunno what command or script I should...
  9. Guispfilho

    Button Smashing

    Hi, I'm searching for a button smashing system outside battle that don't use the Atelier RGSS script for chain command: https://atelierrgss....ain-commands-m/ There's also "Thex Animated Power Bar & Button Masher", however I can't the neither the script or the demo...
  10. KevinFrost

    Mobile Name Input

    I'm making a game that will be heavily directed at mobile platform. The vanilla name input process is close to what I need, but is missing a few things. For starters, there is no back or delete button in the window. So players will not be able to delete any typed characters. Also, the current...
  11. barracuda

    Conditional Branch - Button Press

    Hello guys. I need help about button press. I want to make a condition when you press a button on keyboard. Let's say it's "X" button. Trigger: event touch, priority: below character. Here's example:   Conditional Branch: The X Button being pressed Show Text: Hello world! @else @branch end...
  12. Vis_Mage

    Button Input from Mouse Click

    Hi! :) I'm looking for a script that allows a button input to be configured to the left and right mouse click (ideally, also the up and down scroll wheel, if possible).  Note that I'm not looking for full mouse system per say, just essentially a way to trigger a configurable button press...
  13. twistedMind

    Help* How to dash the player for Android

    Anyone know how to activate "TriggerDash" command that function when you hold-press a certain button (from the image I shown with the red arrow). I know that you can just turn ON "Always dashing" from the menu, but I want the player to run (dash) only when you hold-press a running button. As for...
  14. Fullereno

    Enemy appears when lever is pulled

    Hello people. First of all, sorry if I don't explain well enough but english is not my first language :stare: Ok, so I'm making my very first game (I have been working on it in my spare time for a while) and I just started with all the eventing, switches and variables things. I already know...
  15. mardin

    Cancel a Video with Escape

    Maybe I did something wrong but I cannot cancel the videos in my game. I use videos a lot for cutscenes and to tell the story, but the player should really be able to cancel a video with the escape button! I looked around in the forums but I did not find anything related to that, so maybe I...
  16. GoodSelf

    Spamming the Attack Button

    I'm early in my testing, and I'm working on balancing out skills and stats using a bunch of Yanfly's plugins (which can be found here). I think my math is correct so far, but I've come to another issue: I win battles by spamming the attack button. Now obviously, this is poor design on my...
  17. WickedHardcorg

    Easy Party Leader Change Button?

    Hello game makers! I'm actually finishing up a game this week and one of the final touches is adding some way to easily change your party leader with the press of a button! It's a basic horror puzzle type game but one of the key elements is having to interact with things with both party...
  18. Is there a way to add a equip button to the status window

    I'm trying to implement a button in the status screen, which can open the equip menu. I just can't get it to work. I would appreciate help:) My game uses the Non-Combat Menu v1.04 by mishi, therefore the simplified status screen in the screenshot. Here is the link to the script...
  19. Rink27

    Disable Cancel Button

    How can I disable the cancel button? I am using the "Select Item" event command. However, if the player deselects here / presses the cancel button, I'd run into problems. I can run a conditional branch that checks for the cancel button being pressed and jump to another label to work around...
  20. Gravemaster

    Quicksave Without Quit

    Hey guys, I need some help with a relatively simple (I imagine) save script to make. I've searched quite a bit. but when it comes to quicksave scripts I just couldn't find exactly what I want. What I need is a script that assigns 2 buttons, for example "F1" and "F2" as the quicksave and...

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