1. Map Reset: Event Triggers Switch Off - How To Turn Switch Back On?

    RPGMaker Vx Ace 1.02a In the game's mines, I have it so you can reset the map at any time by tapping button B (X key), which uses a region, conditional branch, switch ("0055: cave reset"), and common event. This same button is used to trigger a lever, but when you trigger it, the switch used...
  2. Mr. Trivel

    Skill Time Reaction

    Name: Skill Time Reaction Version: 1.2 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-26   What does it do? This plugin gives user a moment to press confirm button. Pressing Confirm when button appears, gives user state which lasts until end of action.  Button timer can be set up...
  3. gilgamar

    Button Cast Plugin

    Button Cast v1.10 by Gilgamar Description Adds the ability to cast skills instantly during active turn battle by pressing a button. Now on GitHub! Demo Project Zip File v1.10 Playable Demo v1.10 How it Works - This plugin requires Yanfly's Core, Battle Engine, and ATB...
  4. Attempting to do a puzzle where the player steps on a button only once.

    Hello RPG Maker forums! This is my first post, so I'll keep it short and concise. What I want to do I've been attempting to re-create a puzzle reminiscent of the button puzzle in UnderTale (Found here) (UnderTale Spoilers) The game describes the puzzle as follows: "Turn every X into an...
  5. averagecelery

    What script call could I use to check if a certain button was being pressed through a conditional br

    I'm using Dekita's Full Keyboard Input plugin. So I have a common event that has a loop with a conditional branch. It's checking whether the user is pressing A or not, but I need to check through a script call since the input is available through the plugin only. I'm just asking for the call I...
  6. Labyrinthine

    Picture Buttons Puzzle

    Here's my problem: How would it be possible to "Press" those buttons on the picture? Do I need some sort of mouse/analog stick script for this, or is it possible to do with some sort of eventing? I'd like there to be a hovering cursor possibly, unless there's some other reasonable way to do...
  7. mr_ringtales_workshop

    Button toggle mini map

    I need a very simple mini map, nothing super flashy. But it at least needs to show the map and track the player. I also want it to be able to be toggled between three modes just by pressing a button. 1. OFF 2. Mini mode (shows up at the corner of the screen for easy reference) 3. Large Mode...
  8. AllyJamy

    Sprite animation on button press?

    Hello. I was wondering if there is anyway to get the player to swap to a different character sprite animation when a specific button is pressed, then revert back to the original walking sprite. What I'm trying to pull off is when the player presses a button a roll animation will happen.  I'm...
  9. SWAMPFOOT9000

    (RGSS1) button mashing for more damage.

    I was wondering if anybody could write up a relatively simple script to go with the battle system for rpgmaker xp. This is how the battle would work step by step: -The player selects attack, and picks an enemy, as usual. -Before the attack starts, the player is then prompted to spam the C...
  10. MeowFace

    Hide Game Window's Border, Close/Alt+F4 canceler

    Made this for a request and sharing it here in case anyone else needs it. Even with all the hates, there still seems to have quite a demand for this. Just to clarify in case some one started to post something negative about this: I know, taking away close button is cruel and not fun. I don't...
  11. VoltraK

    Temporarily Disable Key/button inputting?

    I searched high and low and couldn't find anything already in the program or any scripts that could fix it this. I'm trying to make an event using unskippable text boxes and map scrolling at the same time. It worked perfectly, until I realized if I hit a certain key, it fast-forwards the text...
  12. Tigersong

    Cute as a button

    So I thought I'd make an event that brings up a message when the appropriate button is pressed. Easy, right? Except, when I went to playtest, nothing happened. The 'button pressed' prompt was right between the balloon and the text. What happened, and can I put it back?
  13. Acidicjester

    Temporary disable cancel key in Choice events?

    I'm trying to figure out how I can temporary disable the cancel key (X, etc) for an event. I have two choices and the cancel key I think is just in the way. Once it is pressed it uses the second option, and if there isnt a second option, it breaks the game due to the autoplay taking place. So...
  14. Tortured Healer

    Galv's Timed Button Script

    Hello, I have taken an interest in Galv's timed button attacks script and would like to ask a question, if anyone here is familiar with it. It seems to be that all successes are critical hits, or have multiplied damages, and all failures are misses. It there any way I can set it so that it...
  15. CharcoalKidd

    Tracking Player Cancel Input?

         Long time Maker, first time poster. I've been conceptualizing a battle system that uses events (I'm a negligible scripter), but I've come upon a hiccup. What I want to do essentially is have a bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up, and draws on a hidden variable, so that once the...
  16. [Request] 'Enter' as Start Menu Button instead of :B, press again to exit?

    Like your standard game, instead of pressing the cancel button to enter the menu, I'd like to have it so that 'enter' opens the menu and pressing it again in the very main part closes it again. Normally, the menu is a window selectable, so it merely closes with the :B "cancel" button.
  17. icerose05

    After Effects of Button Mashing

    I have a button mashing event where you have to press the Z button to get a monster off you. The event works fine until it is done and the player goes out of the room, but when they enter the room again, the monster and the health bar are still there, and the fight music is still playing. I...
  18. C-C-C-Cashmere (old)

    The Decline of the Support Button

    I used to see support tags in signatures all the time. Where did they go? Did they disappear off the face of the earth? Or is the fact that everyone is less willing and less caring to support other projects than their own? Are support buttons even good things? Discuss here.
  19. Conditional Branch Button Press?

    Hello everyone. I usually keep to myself and never usually ask for help (I'm a stubborn unowatsit) However I have hit a wall that seems indestructibale. Remember reading files in most survival horrors?   I'm trying to do something similar here but I need to the player to be able to press...
  20. Removing the optimize button?

    Hey, just a quick question. In the generic inventory, how can I remove the optimize button? Just so it's not there anymore and forces players to read over the effects and drawbacks of weapons and gear without just hitting optimize when getting new gear without caring to read them? What I mean...

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