by all accounts-- this is technically an isekai

  1. Mimironi

    RMMV Call of the Overseer (Demo Available)

    Do you have what it takes to save a higher being? Of course you do! Now, get to it! ...Not like you have a choice. Summary: Six individuals find themselves summoned into a frigid, mysterious land. As they cross paths and band together, they will learn more of the land they were brought to, and...

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I wonder... If I develop my own game hacks, does it count as beating the game my own way?
First 12 minutes of gameplay.

bio-Synthetica's Database plugin is complete. Players will be able to find and unlock various tutorials and lore as they reach certain points. There are 5 categories of files you can unlock: Audio Clips, Data Files, Bestiary, Earth History, and Tutorials.


Thank you Dsiver for this amazing plugin! :kaothx:
My favorite kind of progress? Reverse progress! First, change some small feature of your game. Second, go back through and change 6,000 tiny things related to that minor alteration just to get your game playable again. What fun!

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