1. byBibo

    Party Manager Tutorial - Handling multiple parties (Plug-in by HimeWorks)

    Hello Everyone! Today, we will learn how to use the Party Manager plug-in made by Tsukihime! She already provided a tutorial on how to create 2 parties, but today we will go a bit further: we will give the player the ability to create 3 parties with some issues: some members can't be reunited...
  2. byBibo

    RPG Maker Birthday Bash - Amnemoria

    Hello Everyone! This birthday contest is quite fun, and it sure push ourselves to finish a project! I actually had no project at all, as for now I focus on making content, but I want to give it a try, so here you are: my Amnemoria Project! :) Summary It's strange how things...
  3. byBibo

    byBibo's special packs [1. Christmas Pack update 1]

    Hello everyone! I decided to create some resources with the theme of Christmas/Winter! I hope you'll like it! :) I think I will regularly create themed packs, with different content inside. Might be a battler, a window skin... Tell me your suggestions and expectations for the next packs! :)...

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